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Dr. John

Dr. John

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Dr. John or Bayou John known for his powers of resurrection. John was a former sailor from Senegal. John said he could heal those on the verge of death. He lived in New Orleans between 1820 and 1860 and mentored Marie Laveau. Marie Laveau was greatly misunderstood due to gossip, court records and documents that just didn’t like non whites mixing with whites. Sundays were a day that those practicing voodoo took over Congo Square. During the day it was a celebration but at night is when the most secret and hidden rituals were performed. Marie was taught and mentored by Dr. John the tattooed authority on all types of voodoo. It was in New Orleans that the term Voodoo took on. It was called other things before that and the religion, coming from the continent of Africa is older than Christianity. However Marie was a devoted Catholic and often called upon the saints along with voodoo rituals. She learned from Dr. John to heal but compassion was already hers. She visited those in prisons, those sick in hospitals and always had a meal ready for those who visited her home. Even with all that she commanded respect and was considered a Mambo, voodoo Queen. Dr. John was a Hougan and the absolute best. He could bring the dead back to life! He was well versed in what is called Nzambi and in French is Bon Dieu whose meaning is Good God. The mixture of magic with the saints and various unknown rituals is where Dr. John excelled. The voodoo dolls came along later and were added to the religion first by Dr. John who then taught it to Marie. It was through a secret ritual that created a duplicate signature and soul so the doll could be used for good or bad. This is why real ones work. Who does voodoo not work for? Transgender people and those changing genders or who consider themselves something as they were not born with. This is because the voodoo religion has specified magic geared towards male and female. It has been that way forever. This is just how the religion is. This ring is sterling and dark Amethyst, not fake and hold the power, magic and slow giving education of Dr. John. This is a seriously important piece because it’s a living piece. This carved skull holds all the supernatural and what is called Good God. This holds all saints with Saint Patrick being a well used Saint in Voodoo. What can the ring do? The ring can do all Dr. John could. He could call upon all saints, raise the dead, heal the sick, seek revenge or create protection. He is a problem solver! When you put this on, you feel it. The size is a nine and the Amethyst is a gorgeous deep purple!

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