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Draconic DNA

Draconic DNA

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For some of you, the fact that scientists have figured out to recreate dinosaur DNA is a dream come true.  For some of you who watched Jurassic Park wide-eyed and frightened, it could be a nightmare.  Well, that's exactly what scientists claimed to have done.  Not only were they able to extract dinosaur DNA from fossils, but they have been able to recreate these sequences.  

Why is this important for our website?  We offer paranormal items.  The thing is that the fossils that were used to acquire this DNA were found in Asia.  What they haven't revealed to the public is the fact that they have also been able to recreate DNA that belongs to something that the researchers call the Leviathan.  If you aren't familiar with the story, the Leviathan is a sea beast that is slain by God in the Bible.

If we are getting technical, the DNA did not belong to the Leviathan at all.  The scientific community's narcissism and refusal to believe in magic carries over into their beliefs about alleged "mythological" creatures, such as dragons.  In this case what the researcher had come into contact with and the DNA that they were working with belonged to an actual dragon from millions of years ago.  

As I'm sure you can imagine the project-- called Project Leviathan-- reached the pockets of the Underground.  Rather quickly, Blackmarket DNA was released to several different outlets, where those who acquire the DNA quickly realized that there was no hope in reconstructing physical dragons.  Instead, what the DNA could be used for is to summon the spirits of past dragons that once roamed the Earth.  

The dragons of the Earth varied in size and ability.  From the Asian New Year Dragon to the Wyvern of Europe, to the Jormungandr of ancient Norse origins, many draconic creatures have, at one point, called Earth home.  They were fully evolved and intelligent beings, most of whom held very powerful magic.  Some could grant immense wealth.  Others could grant alchemy of the soul.  Some could propel your soul into the astral realm.  OThers control destinies.  It really just depends on what kind of dragon you come across.

The piece we are offering is a ring that holds what is known as base draconic DNA.  This means that it holds the basic DNA of ancient dragons that is what bound them together and made them part of the same genus, despite how different each one may have evolved to become.  This piece can be used to resurrect various dragon souls.  The souls will come to you and grant you your requests, which will come in the form of whatever magic they can grant you.  

Testers have used this piece to summon many dragons from various cultures.  This piece was even able to be used to summon the serpent of knowledge and the Ouroboros-.  Neither one of them is a dragon, but serpents.  Still, this piece was able to summon them because their DNA was similar.  

This piece is incredibly powerful, as it puts you in contact with a genus of creature that has the ability to open many magical doors.  You will, of course, need to do your research in preparation for using this piece to determine what type of dragon soul or soul you will be summoning.  

Appropriately, this piece is a ring made out of sterling silver and dragon's breath.  It is a beautiful, antique piece that will grant you immense power!  
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