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Dragon Caller

Dragon Caller

SKU: 22521058


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We also accept cash payments through the mail at your own risk.  We recommend getting cash sent with verified tracking.  We have had some people opt to do this in the past and everything turned out okay.  They got their items, but we have to let you know that if you send cash, you do so at our own risk.  Also, the amount you can send via Zelle is controlled by your bank, so you will have to check with them.  


What we are offering is a pin that we call the Dragon Caller.  This piece contains ancient Asian magic that dates back to the Han Dynasty.  In those days the Han Emperor would have a personal sorcerer that would create all that magic that was asked of him.  He tapped into the magic instilled by the ancient Elders of the Orient.  

This particular piece gives the person who is using it the ability to summon forth dragons of all kinds.  Of course, this piece isn't as old as the actual magic itself, but it works just as well.  It works two different ways.  If you know the name of a dragon that you wish to conjure, you can use this piece to call it out by name.  If you don't know the name of a dragon, but you know the type of magic you want the dragon to bring to you, you can conjure a dragon that way as well.  This piece will conjure all sorts of dragons from Asian-style dragons, to European dragons, to dragons of Mayan descent.  It will even conjure forth the Jormungandr if you want to access its ancient wisdom.  

These dragons will come to you in soul form, so you may or may not be able to see them at first when you are working with them.  Types of Dragons we have been able to summon during the testing of this piece include:

-wealth dragons
-love dragons
-granting dragons
-interdimentional dragons
-white light dragon
-dual dragons
-protection dragons
-healing dragons
-time-traveler dragons
-cosmic dragons
-divine dragons
-luck dragons
-dragon of destiny
-holy Elder Dragon
-Temple Dragon

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