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Dragon of Portions and the Draconian Prophets

Dragon of Portions and the Draconian Prophets

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If you are looking for pure, unadulterated power, then search no further than this item.  This item is carved from boxwood and as you can see it is a slingshot.  Of course, the piece can be used as a weapon if that is how you want to use it.  Not only can it be used as a physical weapon, but it can also be used as a spiritual weapon.  You can use it sort of like a crucifix when warding off evil entities or ordering unclean spirits out of bodies during exorcisms.  It can bless houses and remove dark energies from homes as sage would.

That's only the tip of the iceberg with this piece.  In fact, that is mild compared to the other things that piece can do for you.  Before we get into all of those things, though, let's go over where this piece has come from.  There are a group of Alpha Walkers that call Earth their home.  They didn't always live on Earth.  In fact, at one point they were just clusters of energetic entities hurtling through time and space, stopping when they found something interesting.  

This is how they wound up on Earth.  They came to Earth to connect with something called the Dragon of Portions.  The Dragon of Portions is an ancient entity that fell to Earth with a meteor in ancient times.  He was manifested by a materialized group of energies that originate from the Zodiacal Gates and the Cosmos.  

The Dragon of Portions is exactly what it sounds like.  He is a Dragon that holds the ability to change, alter, destroy, restore, or manifest destinies.  Having said that, the dragon is also a very powerful magician of many varieties of magic.  He is referred to as a dragon, despite being a hybrid creature.  While he does manifest himself as a dragon, he mostly remains in his human form.

Likewise, the Alpha Walkers have also taken human form.  They learned how to do this from the Dragon of Portions.  The Alpha Walkers remained on Earth after having become obsessed with the Dragon of Portions.  He trained them in his ancient ways and allowed them to remain on Earth under his domain.  He called them the Draconian Prophets.  Although, they do still travel throughout the universe, they now call Earth their home base, and their connection to the Dragon of Portions is seamless.  

The piece that we are offering is one that was created out of boxwood by one of the Draconian Prophets.  Again, it is a slingshot and can be used as mentioned above.  However, it can also be used for other things.  Time travel, power creation, revelation, time change visualization, and other types of things were all revealed during testing.  

For instance, one tester's experience with this piece was insane!  He was using this piece, which is carved to resemble the draconic form of the Dragon of Portions.  He had meditated with the piece as he was supposed to.  He took this piece out to his backyard and began mentally conveying his wishes to the Dragon of Portions.  He shot a few stones from the slingshot.  At first, there was nothing.  He was about to give up when he figured he'd shoot one more stone just for good measure.  

He is glad he did.  As the stone flew through the night sky it tore the barrier between our reality and the next.  The next reality, in this case, was that of Valhalla.  The tester we had chosen for this piece was of Norse descent and desired a connection to Odin.  

By his account, he was able to see through the tear in reality as though it were a window.  He was able to stick his head through and experience what Valhalla looked like, how it sounded, how it smelled everything.  And yes, he was able to acquire his connection to Odin.  To some, this might not seem that significant, but it was to him.  The important key to take away from this is that the piece allowed him to create what he wanted.  This happened with the power of the Dragon of Portions, obviously.

Another tester wanted to be able to cast spells.  She followed the same instructions as above.  She also chose to use a stone even though you can technically sling anything.  She grabbed the slingshot so she could go out and sling her magic into reality.  She held the rock before she shot it and uttered a spell.  She shot the rock as far as she could.  In her words, the rock "streaked through the sky like a shooting star."  In her mind, she said she heard a voice that sounded like an echo.  It said, "So it has been said, so it shall be done."  

The spell she had cast was a locator spell for her pet who had been missing.  A day or two after she cast the spell, she was in her kitchen when she was given a vision of a farm and creamery close by her home.  She drove over there to ask the farmers if they had found her cat.  As it turned out they had taken her in because she had turned up on their property.  Her pet was safely returned.  

That same tester said that she used this piece to cast a love spell.  She experienced the same thing verbatim, down to the voice in her head.  The spell she cast was for simple, true love.  She didn't care with who she found it, she just wanted love.  Two weeks later she was approached by a mailroom clerk in the building she worked at.  He told her that he had been admiring her from afar.  He asked her out for coffee and a romance has ensued.  

We cannot guarantee the following results or any of them for that matter, but yet another tester used this piece to gain immediate wealth.  He did this by way of asking the Dragon of Portions to change his destiny.  The first thing he requested was to accrue wealth so he could start a business.  

Before using this piece, the tester had invested in a small medical sector start-up that he genuinely thought would do good on its own.  However, he hadn't faired as well as he thought he would.  When using this piece, he decided to use a silver dollar instead of a stone or something else.  He launched his magic through the air after conveying to the Dragon of Portions what he most desired.  

He said that when he slung the dollar through the air that time completely stopped.  He said he was actually a bit scared at first because he didn't know what had happened.  The breeze had stopped.  Nearby traffic had stopped.  Everything was still, there was no sound no motion, etc.  

The dollar he had slung hovered in mid-air spinning around rapidly.  He walked over the dollar to retrieve it and everything went back to normal.  Thinking the slingshot hadn't worked, he placed the dollar in his pocket.  Later that night he placed it on his bedstand as he slept.  He had a vision instructing him to use the dollar coin to scratch off a lottery ticket.  He obliged and won $250,000.  Now, that's not millions, but it is a start and it literally happened the next day.

Again, we cannot tell you what type of experiences you will have with the piece, how long it will take for the magic to root and manifest.  We know that this piece is powerful.  We know that this piece works.  Another tester used this piece to tear the veil between the mortal and the spirit worlds.  Another used it to sling a ring through the air, which was subsequently empowered during its sling-shot journey.

Specific instructions will be provided to the person who ends up buying the piece.  To recap, this piece was carved out of boxwood by one of the Draconian Prophets to resemble the Dragon of Portions.  It holds his entire repertoire of magic, which will be granted to you in various ways when you use the piece.
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