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Dreamscapes and Holograms:  Take Back Your Reality

Dreamscapes and Holograms: Take Back Your Reality

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  • 2-13-22

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    If you are ordering a carnival or 38.00 we have many of them. You may or may not get what’s in the picture. If you are buying from any of our four websites from the years from 2019 and below please ask if we have the item you are looking at. We hired a donkey-jaw and he mixed stuff up. I caught one today where the lady paid almost 300 and the picture showed costume jewelry. The actual item was sterling silver. I contacted her as I will if more of these issues come up. Thank you for understanding.

    Dee Dee.


    The power that this piece will grant you is bizarre, to say the least.  It is definitely unlike anything that you will ever experience in your lifetime.  We call it Dreamscapes and Holograms.  I know that a lot of people claim to have had holistic and metaphysical experiences.  Some of those people are telling the truth and others are not.  The truth about what I’m about to tell you is that you will never meet anybody who has experienced the power of this piece that hasn’t had magic to help them.  Quite simply, it would be impossible.  This isn’t a type of magic that you could eventually get on your own but gives you enhancements so you don’t have to spend years of agonizing failure getting it wrong.  You can only have this experience through magic.  It’s the only way.  


    Here’s the thing.  Humans were created to experience reality in a freeform way.  I don’t want to say that our reality is entirely a simulation, but it kind of is.  I’m not talking about a simulation live a computer game or something like that.  I mean that each person experiences life on their terms.  Well, they used to.  Somewhere along the line the powers that be hi-jacked our realities.  What they wanted was to dull our minds so that our experiences in life would be plain and uniform.  The more people are alike the easier it is to control them.  


    Here’s an interesting sidebar conversation.  I’m not promoting or debasing anything by saying this.  I”m simply making an observation and telling you what is going on.  There is a sudden push for transgenderism across the globe.  While there may or may not be people who feel like they are born in the wrong body who have been fighting for acceptance for a while, that point is kind of moot in the grand scheme of things.  


    What’s going on is that the powers that be know that throughout the years, individuality was brought back to an all-time high.  It didn’t matter who you were or where you were from.  You were taught that no matter who you were you could succeed.  You could be somebody.  This gave people power and motivation.  Those in the upper crust didn’t like that, so they started a war.  The whole androgyny of transgenderism means that people lose the integrity of who they are and what they mean to society.  If we are all just a bunch of genderless organisms that can choose who we are at birth, then we are all pretty much the same, born without differences, and easier to control.  


    They also do this with race.  I’m not sure how many of you have noticed, but these days there is no more separation of the race unless you are Caucasian.  Everyone else falls under “Person of Color.”  It essentially lumps all groups that aren’t Caucasian into the same category, thus creating a conglomerate race of people who simply, “aren’t white.”  While it hasn’t gotten to this stage yet, the powers that be simply want to mass everyone together by any means possible, rather than allowing them to exist as distinct groups of people.  Hence the terminology Person of Color. 


    At the same time since white people are the majority (at least in America) they have turned these POC against Caucasians to fabricate notions of inequality, while effectively bolstering the alliance of these so-called persons of color and creating race conflict to draw attention away from what they trying to accomplish– world domination and universal government control.   


    If that doesn’t work, then they use religion.  I mean thing about it.  The Council of Trent was a politically motivated occurrence where a bunch of powerful leaders got together and adjoined different religious works of literature to decide what they were going to accept as solid demonstrative proof of God.  To question their capabilities of determining what the Word of God should look like is clearly to question the Word of God itself.  Why?  Well, we all know that these politicians of yore were under the spiritual and holy guidance of the Hand of God.  How dare we question them?!


    Then, they are pretty much able to control the way you believe.  When they can control that they can tell you anything, such as thinking outside the parameters of what is considered to be true by the choice of their hand is inherently evil and shouldn’t be tolerated.  One such example is the fact that we live in a free reality and the way we experience this reality is up to us.  We can create our realities, we can create our own experiences.  We can create our subsets of power and magic to use in our realities.  However, the powers that be say that this is “apocryphal” and that we shouldn’t try to take matters into our hands, because that is “playing the role of God.”  


    Newsflash:  God created us with free will to experience the reality that he created with codes of sacred geometry and numerology.  It is a matrix of reality that we were meant to experience without limitations.  However, throughout the years it has been beaten over your head that anything that doesn’t coincide with the Bible is evil.  I’m telling you that God cannot be contained in a book.  There are many facets to the reality that aren’t written in the very finite and ironically short Holy Bible.  


    This is very true and deep down if you have read this far, you know it!  God has been trying to communicate with these humans for eons now.  Ask the Freemasons.  Ask the Rosicrucians.  Ask the Knights Templar.  Ask the Illuminati.  Ask the Jesuit Order.  Ask any secret society that has been embracing the truths of our natural reality.  Some of the groups or members of those groups that I’ve just mentioned are the very ones I’m talking about when I say that our realities have been fabricated for us.  


    It might seem like a rant, but read what I’ve said and consider it.  All these things are proof that not only does the government was to create androgynous drones without character or identity, but they have stolen our reality from us and created a false reality where we are imprisoned flesh-bags.  I don’t simply mean they are fabricating our reality through means of propaganda and fake news.  What I mean is that the powers that be, quite literally, have used the magic that I’ve just described to you– sacred geometry, sacred numerology, creation magic, etc– to determine how we will experience our realities.  We are prisoners of our existence.  


    Here’s the thing.  Those in charge have successfully created a simulated reality that we experience.  They have these secret forms of magic to create what we experience and in all honestly, it doesn’t have to be that way.  For generations, they have been controlling what we experience and how we experience it.  It has been passed down through the minds and cellular memories that exist in humans today.  


    In all seriousness, they don’t have to do much.  They simply maintain the machine as it goes so humanity can experience what they want them to.  This is how they have been able to do things such as hide the capstone of the pyramid or disallow us to see the demon-aliens that they let freely prey on the souls of the innocent.  (More on demon aliens another time.)  


    Nobody knows this better than a group of freedom fighters that calls themselves the Dreamscapes.  They are constantly working to battle against the reality that has been created for us and crammed down our throats.  The Dreamscapes have constantly been working to undo the progress that the powers have created for us.  The only problem is that they can not do it in a regular state of consciousness.  Instead, they have taken to the conscious state of dreaming to void the reality that has been created for us and to break humanity free from their chain so they can also experience true freedom.  


    I know some of you will ask why God hasn’t intervened and the simple is that God has given us free will.  There are some instances where he will step in.  However, other than that he just lets things work out on their own.  It separates the true believers from those who don’t believe at all.  Allow me to inform you, the true believers aren’t always the ones you find stomping on their hats Sunday morning.  


    Sometimes those are the ones being led to the slaughter.  When they are praying for God’s intervention they should open up their minds to receive Him.  This is why Jesus specifically said that people will hear, but not listen and see, but not believe.  It is why Jesus has said why people need to come to God with childlike hearts.  They need to be able to think outside of the box and more importantly, they need to be able to believe.    


    The Dreamscapes have been working on different sets of realities that will eventually allow them to effectively fight off the tyranny, but it will take along.  It could take generations.  In the meantime, we have this piece that you can use.  


    This piece holds energies and the magic to be able to elevate your mind to the conscious state of dreaming.  You might be wondering how, if dreams are random, how they can be utilized dreams for organizations.  Well, that’s the thing and why you need magic to have these capabilities.  Dreams are a very specified state of consciousness, usually not specifically denote one’s ability to control it.  However, the Dreamscapes have figured out how to break that loop.  


    Before, you used to dream whatever it is you dreamt.  However, the magic developed by the Dreamscapes has allowed them to holographically enter their dreams to control what they experience.  This allows them to control the dreams they have.  Then, using the magical parameters of sacred geometry and numerology, they can create their realities.  These realities, since they are in a heightened state of consciousness can then be manifested and materialized into reality. It can also be used to undo the false realities that have been created by the tyrants.  This is what they have been working on.  


    The piece that we are offering is an original that was created by the Dreamscapes.  It will allow you to become a holographic entity to leave your body and control your dreams.  The energies in this piece will place your body into a state of non-abrasive sleep paralysis.  YOu will use the piece during sleep.  You can either wear it or place it under your pillow.  


    While you slumber you will be able to control what you are dreaming.  In turn, what you are dreaming will become reality.  It applies to anything that you make yourself dream of.  The name of the game is to be able to break free of the mental chains that bound you.  By controlling your simulated reality you will control everything from your destiny to the physical reality that you experience during your wake hours.  It can and will provide you with immortality.  I can and will provide you with various types of healing.  I can and will provide you will extreme wealth.  It can provide you will just about anything you want in life.  Keep in mind that is based on perspective and the way your reality exists to you.  This means that what you experience will be what you experience.  What you dream into reality will become your reality.  It will not affect others, because they are living in their simulated reality.  


    This piece gives you superiority in existence because whatever you want, you will simply dream and project it into reality.  This includes magic and magical abilities, too!  Another bonus is that you can experience other forms of reality and other people’s simulated reality when you are in your holographic form!  

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