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Drink from the Tree of All Things

Drink from the Tree of All Things

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Preface:  The piece you are looking at is a very unique type of antique.  It is has a lapis stone at the top, a dragon on the bottle and a wax seal on the bottom.   This piece ic especially powerful.  Read on to find out why!  


    There is a force of power that is so strong that it never stays in one spot for too long.  It travels around the world, popping up in different places.  Its movement is unpredictable and it has shown up in some of the densest forests around the world.  It is actually the source of many of what modern historians would call myths.  We don't call them that because we realize that there is truth among all walks of life.  

    As I was saying, this source of power has influenced many cultures around the world-- from the ancient Egyptians, the Mayans, the Jewish Cabal, Pagan religions, Oriental religions, even Native American religions.  The story of this source of power has shown up all over the world, which makes sense because this source of power is always on the move.  It is archaic.  It is unadulterated power.  It has gone by many names throughout history-- the Tree of Life, the Tree of Knowledge, the World Tree, the Universal Tree, the Cosmic Tree, the Sacred Tree, etc.  

    For our purposes, we will be calling it the Tree of All Things.  This is because the Tree is pure energy and it contains all knowledge.  While the tree does grow as a physical tree, the power of the tree is what is the important part.  

    Like a tree, the power is concentrated in one central location (wherever it decides to manifest), its roots are anchored in the underworld, and its branches reach out to the heavens.  Knowledge of existence flows freely through the tree and comes from all places.  

    The Tree of all things connects all forms of Creation, all forms of life, all knowledge, all magic, all power, etc.  It bridges the gap between traditional human existence and alternate forms of existence.  It provides a ladder for consciousness to climb to reach the highest levels of enlightenment.  In doing so the mind and the body will become god-like in existence.  

    The first occurrence of the Tree of All things happened in very ancient times in a forest that is in an area of China that is now called the Sichuan Province.  Currently, it is home to nine Tibetan villages, but in ancient times there were many more.  Among these villages included a specific group of spiritual men, their children, and their wives.  I would call them monks, but they were not monks.  Although, they lived similar lifestyles.  

    They were the first to experience the Tree of All Things.  It gave them the gift of ascendance into the realms of the eternal.  By allowing them to exist freely and naturally, the Tree was able to grant them reverberations and cosmic frequencies that allowed them to enter permanent states of what is called wakeful Nirvana.  This is when the mind exists in Nirvana without having to be in a constant state of meditation.  Nirvana was granted to them and became part of who they were.  

    In this state, they were able to see what is known as the Spirit of the Tree.  It is also known as the Keeper of the Tree.  It is a physical emanation that can only be seen by people to whom the tree reveals itself.  In this case, it was the group that I told you about.  They were a peaceable people and the Tree knew they could be trusted.  Therefore it revealed itself and its emanation.  

    Much like God is a supreme being, so is the Tree.  God's emanation would be the Holy Spirit.  The Tree's emanation is the Keeper of the Tree.  God's flesh materialization was Jesus.  He was God's one true, perfect prophet.  Following this, the flesh forms of the Tree of Knowledge became the people that I've told you about.  

    Those people became known as the Tree's Seed because after having met the Keeperthey were also given the full knowledge and the full existence of the Tree, which if you remember is a super complex, concentrated network of all knowledge.  They became brilliant prophets that could create many miracles, produce many forms of magic, even create their magic if they needed to.  

    What you should understand is that by embracing all knowledge, as the tree does, you shouldn't need to create your own magic, because the Tree knows all things and can manifest them for you.  That is how powerful the all-encompassing knowledge of the Tree of All Things is.  It holds all things.  All things mean all things.  These people became the living prophets of the Tree and they spread the magic and illumination to those who would listen.  

    However, as is customary, the tree did eventually leave.  I've told you before that it never stays very long in one place.  This tree has been experienced by many cultures and civilizations throughout the world.  FOr instance, the tree revealed itself to Remus and Romulus in their cave, as it grew within.  IT was revealed to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  It was revealed to Moses through the presence of a burning bush.  

    It was revealed to Jacob in the form of a ladder in his visions.  It revealed itself to the Mayans as a Tree in the ancient forests of the Yucatan Penninsula.  It was revealed to the Sumerians, the Jewish Cabal, the Vikings, the Native Americans, even the Druids who received the tree as not one tree, but a grove of Thirteen Sacred Trees.  It has even shown up in the suicide forest in Japan to free the forest of its over 500 trapped souls that the forest claimed through suicide.  

    The point is that the tree is eternal.  It is powerful and it is omnipresent.  Its roots and branches receive power and magic from the known universe.   It has been the major cause of advance for numerous civilizations all over the world, throughout many different periods.  It has been a staple of power and cosmic evolution and illumination among humanity.  It is the single largest magical influence on Earth.  

    In honor of the Tree of all Things, the Tree's Seed created powerful magical totems that could replicate the powers of the Tree.  As I've told you before the Tree's Seed are the mortals who have become the Tree of All Things in the flesh.  They are the Tree's immortal and eternal prophets.  They are the ones who have created this piece.  

    This piece is Asian at first glance, but it encompasses so much more than that.  The Tree's Seed has chosen to create this piece with a dragon on it.  The dragon symbolizes the immensity of its power, as dragons were known to be the supreme being of ancient times in Asia.  This piece is as ancient as the Tree's Seed, but it is an antique and it is very old.  On the top is what we believe to be a lapis stone.  On the bottom is a wax seal that holds what we are called the Codex of Immortal Magic.  

    The Codex was created by the Tree's Seed as a means of passing the powers of the Tree of All Things onto the next person.  After all, that's the whole point of this piece, to spread the freedom of knowledge and the empowerment that it brings.  The Codex of Immortal Magic contains a genetic code phrase that will impart the presence of the Tree of All Things into your body.  It will not stay permanently, but it will stay long enough to grant you whatever you have asked for.  

    Trust me when I say, the Tree can grant you whatever you ask for.  IT might not come immediately, but some things aren't meant as a means of instant gratification.  Sometimes that isn't the way life works.  Sometimes you have to be patient.  Then, some things will come to you right away.  It just depends on what you aspire to accomplish.  Either way, there is a method you will use when using this piece.  

    First, you will fill the bottle with a carrier liquid.  We used water, but if you don't like the taste of water you can use whatever you'd like.  Just be sure to clean your piece thoroughly after you are finished.  You will then light a candle and write down what you desire from the Tree of All Things.  Again, this could be a power, a gem of knowledge, and ability, a miracle, or anything else that you desire.  You will then take the paper that you have written on and fold it in fours.  You will allow the candle to burn for a little while dripping the hot wax onto the paper you wrote on, which is now folder in quarters.

    Once you have enough wax on the paper, you will press the bottom of this bottle into it, creating a seal.  You will allow it to rest in the wax for three minutes.  After the third minute, you will take the top the top off of the bottle and consume the liquid.  The Tree of All Thing, moreover the power that you've asked for will become part of who you are and you will be able to manifest it at your leisure.  

    The best part is that you can use this piece over and over again to get whatever you want out of the Tree of All Things.  That folks is ultimate power.  

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