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Drop the Veil Between Times and Realities

Drop the Veil Between Times and Realities

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We have written about Adam's Calendar before, but it wasn't until recently that we discovered something that we had missed before.  we're not quite sure how we missed it before, but we chalked it up to the fact that the angel simply didn't want to reveal himself to us at the time.  Given the fact that times are changing and the End Times are upon us, the angel felt a sense of urgency to come forward when we testing this piece.  

The piece that you are getting is a skeleton watch.  We are not sure if it is real gold or not, but it is an antique from the 1800s.  This piece was recovered from a Knight's Templar stronghold in New Jersey.  We are not talking about the modern knights, either.  We are talking about the knights that still adhere to old ways.  They still practice the customs of the original founding members.  They have received their Illumination and they are connected to the divine.  

Admittedly, we had to use some mind-controlling for them to hand this piece over, but it was worth it.  This piece is extremely powerful in what it can do for you.  It was powerful in what it did for us.  To begin with, it holds the energies of a place in South Africa called Adam's Calendar.  Adam's calendar predates both Stonehenge and the Egyptian Sphinx.  It has been discovered to point to various astrological alignments and celestial events.  

We understand we just posted about the Mezzaroth, but this is something else entirely.  This is not a divine message from God.  Rather Adam's Calendar is a doorway.  It's a portal to gain access to an angel named Kafziel.  It's not that this angel is hidden in Africa, it's just that the various messages that can be deciphered by studying this ancient megalith point to energies that allow you to access the angel's presence.  We figured this out after some time working with the piece.  

Kafziel is an archangel and he is one of the 24 that are seated by the throne of God.  He controls divine time, which really isn't time at all.  It is really just layers of existence that all coincide with one another.  They are loops of destiny that overlap and can be revisited time and time again, along with you have the right magic.  Time is something that is experienced in this human body but outside of human time does not exist.  Everything exists together and is separated by linear veils.  If you drop the veil between two places you can travel there because one place will begin where the other ends.  

That's what this piece does for you.  That is the power of Kafziel.  His presence is hidden within this antique skeleton clock.  You will use this piece to call the angel forth.  The angel will appear to you in spiritual form, so do not be frightened when it does.  If you prefer that the angel does not appear to you, the angel will know and will simply make itself invisible, connecting with you only on a telepathic level.  When the angel makes itself known you will tell it what you wish to experience.  

It doesn't matter if you want to experience ancient Sumer, the Tower of Babylon, the Crucifixion of Jesus, the land of the ancient Mayans, that time that Napoleon stayed in the Pyramids, or someplace else.  The angel allows you to ascend to the spiritual form.  The veil between the two realities will be dropped and you will be able to experience anything that you want to experience.  It doesn't have to be religiously related either.  Maybe you want to meet Marilyn Monroe.  Maybe you never got to meet your grandparents.  Perhaps you want to visit the famed brothel the House of the Rising Sun and while you're there learn some Voodoo.  The choice is up to you.  With this piece, you are totally in command.  

Also, as a bonus, this piece will absorb the energies of the place you go.  This way, the magical abilities that you experience while visiting these places will always be yours.  It's like a storage drive for your magical travels.  

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