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Dropping the Veil of Isis

Dropping the Veil of Isis

SKU: 8132126

This piece is a Sterling ring with a beautiful stone. 

Not to toot my own horn, but we legitimately find some of the coolest pieces to exist.  Take this piece, for example.  It holds a power that was discovered by the ancients.  They found it in a secret chamber called the chamber of all knowledge.  It became the original driving force behind the creation of the original “Enlightened Ones” who were white light beings that achieved the ultimate ascension while still on Earth.  

The reason that this magic was so powerful is because it held an awakening called, “the dropping of the veil of Isis.”  The veil of Isis is a luminal force that exists within the minds of most mortals.  It separates the physical from the metaphysical, leaving the metaphysical side of things for beings and individuals of a higher enlightenment-- such as gods and goddesses.  

Because Isis is the supreme goddess of magic, this metaphysical disadvantage became known as the veil of Isis.  Dropping the Veil of Isis was a ritual through which the individual was joined with the collection consciousness of Isis.  They were elevated and the Veil of Isis was dropped.  This revealed existence to them as Isis saw it through her own eyes.  They would be able to see the en mi tergies and powers of the universe as they actually existed and not as a legend that was handed down from their ancestors.  

The result of this enlightenment was the ability to share in the collective consciousness of Isis, which means that those whose “veils'' had been “dropped” had full access to Isis’ vast network of knowledge and the many millions of different forms of magic that she controlled.  Hence, the “Enlightened Ones” kind of became a huge deal.  

This piece holds energies from the pyramid that will allow your veil to be dropped.  You will become like the Enlightened Ones of ancient Egypt.  You will share Isis’ mind and her multitudes of magic will be revealed to you. I'm not going to lie, this experience can be a little bit “much” at first, but I promise you that it is well worth the enlightenment that comes with it as you gradually become more and more empowered.  The enlightenment that you will receive is literally out of this world!  It’s like Isis being born all over again, in the form of you.
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