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Dualing Djinn:  One From Hellfire, One From the Holy Flame

Dualing Djinn: One From Hellfire, One From the Holy Flame

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Today we will be listing a bunch of incredibly rare and powerful pieces. This is the first one that we have for you. It holds a collaboration of both dark and light magic and tells of a journey that one of the least talked about, et most important figures of the Bible had to undertake in order to become the priest-king of Salem.

They say that history repeats itself, but in the case of Melchizedek, it is a little different. He is one of the oldest figural heads of Israel to be mentioned in the Bible, if not the oldest. He is mentioned as having given Abraham bread and wine for defeating his enemies-- as Jesus gave his disciples bread a wine at the last supper in order to receive His wisdom so they could defeat their enemies.

The most prominent example of how history repeats itself, though is when Jesus is tempted by Satan in the wilderness. You might wonder why God even allowed Satan to try and tempt His own son into turning away from Him. In Psalm 110, one of the most quoted Psalms in the Bible, it is written that Jesus was to become a priest of the order of Melchizedek. This means that he was supposed to become both a priest and a king that would rule over all of the nations, not just Salem.

The reason why Jesus had to first receive an offer of darkness to retain His light is that so did Melchizedek. He was a fierce light warrior that God sent into the darkness in order to teach Melchizedek the truth of the light. Again history repeats itself because Satan was given the truth and he also descended into darkness. Unfortunately, He never came back to the light. Thankfully Melchizedek has. He is the primary example of how God has given people free will and how they have overcome it to remain strong in their faith-- the same way Christ did in the wilderness.

Now that you understand the why, it is time to get into the what-- as in what are we offering. What I wrote up above was to explain why this all had to come. It's a fulfillment of prophecy. It goes back even to the way Eve was beguiled in the Garden of Eden. This is because before God would allow Melchizedek to become a priest-king of the hidden knowledge.

During his journey to Hel, Melchizedek would come face to face with Satan himself. Instead of appearing as the king of darkness and despair, he appeared as the king's desire and enticement. He attempted to win over Melchizedek by giving him a djinn servant. This dark djinn servant was born of the magic of Hellfire.

Upon the djinn servant was imparted Satan's own left eye. It was the ability to know all that Satan knows, to experience his Fall and his extraordinary power. To exist outside of the realm of what Satan calls "control" was offered to Melchizedek. He was given the dark djinn to grant him anything that he desired-- any power, any m any magic, any material possession, any kind of wealth, anything at all. It was given to him in the form of a black crystal where the djinn could live and be summoned as wanted.

Melchizedek staved off the temptation and in three days rose back to the mortal realm--again history repeating itself through prophecy. When Melchizedek returned to Earth he was given a reward along with his new title of Priest-King. God descended upon Earth from his mighty throne. lighting a fire in the temple. He instructed Melchizedek to throw the black crystal that Satan had given him into the fire, which was the holy flame. The crystal began to change appearance, become half translucent.

In the translucent side of the crystal, God called forth a djinn of the holy flame. It holds all of God's knowledge, all of his magic, all of his white light capabilities, and the ability to see through the right Eye of God. This gave Melchizedek the ability to see the entire universe and to know all there is to know. It gave him enlightenment and authority over all other forms of magic-- even the magic that was just given to him by Satan. It is the white light original that Satan bootlegged in order to tempt him.

The bottom line is this. When you get this piece you are getting a very rare piece. It doesn't appear as old as it really is because the piece has rejuvenated itself throughout the years as a means of preservation of power. This is the current rejuvenation cycle that the piece exists in. What you are getting when you receive this piece is very simple. First, you are getting a Hellfire DJinn. It was created with Satan's left eye and will allow you to see into the core being of Satan and to see all that he has been through, to know all of his knowledge, etc.

On the other side of things, you are also receiving a Holy Flame Djinn. This djinn has come from Heaven and he is from the highest order of white light djinn. This djinn was created as a thought form of GOd. It knows all that God knows and it holds his authority. IT can create white light magical abilities and all of the other things that were listed above. One thing I did not list above that I will tell you about now is that this piece gives you the knowledge of the Christ Bloodline. It will instill this knowledge and power within, simply because Melchizedek held the original bloodline of Christ, as he inherited it from Adam.

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