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Durga for Everyone!

Durga for Everyone!

SKU: 62923223



This pendant holds the power of Durga. Durga is the most powerful and fearless goddess! She is often called the mother of the universe. Her powers are not simply beauty which is one of them but also the ability to pull from yourself all your power and special abilities. These will include things you never knew existed. These are things deep within your past lives.

What is so great about her? Well it’s time to get to the meat!!!

If you have psychic blocks or any kind of block, she is designed for you. This is a new way of tackling a serious problem many have. I have more in various mediums so if this is sold out, just ask.

Durga stops the corruption of the human soul leaving it free to absorb not only her power but what is deep with in. The first part is removing the corruption so that the blocks which prevent you can finally leave!

The name Durga means inaccessible fortress which is what you become to not only evil but blocks. This is like a shield but much better because once that is done you call upon her for the powers you need.

All in all these pieces are amazing for anyone. Even those with no blocks can seriously improve ability, gain new ability and create that fortress that keeps evil out.

This piece I highly recommend!

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