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Dybbuk Djinn

Dybbuk Djinn

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If you have a thing for the unknown or mysterious, then this piece is for you. It was recovered from an investigation that we were on in New York. We were called to the investigation by a young couple that had recently purchased a sprawling estate in the mountains. Soon after moving there, the cuople experienced a string of unfortunate events that nearly killed one of them. They began hearing strange noises and sounds in their house. They both suffered from sleeplessness at night and at one point even suffered from what they thought were delusions.

I'm not going to bore you with minute details of this piece, because there are many. What I will tell you is that the delusions they were seeing-- such as other people walking in their house that would simply vanish into thin air-- was no delusion. They were being haunted by a very specific entity.

We searched the house from top to bottom and found a secret passageway in the basement that led to a small chamber. Inside the chamber was a wooden box not much larger than a shoebox. Inside of the wooden box was this piece. On the outside of the box, there were inscriptions in Hebrew.

Deedee glanced upon the box and in an instant knew what this was all about. Whoever had lived in the house prior had been a Jewish Sorcerer who was evidently into some dark stuff. The inscriptions were not simply writing or decoration, but a containment spell for dybbuk djinn that lives inside of the box.

More specifically, the djinn lives in THIS piece. This piece was found inside of the box with a phrase that roughly translated to "He who isngs the phrase, owns the djinn. We can figure out how the djinn was able to emanate his presence from the piece and the box to curse the new peope who bought the property, but they didn't know anything about the dybbuk djinn in their basement until we came along and figured it out for them.

They wanted nothing to do with the spirit, so we learned the containment spell real quick, trapped the dybbuk back inside of the containment piece, which is the one that you are getting when you make your purchase.

You might be thinking-- What am I going to do with a dark djinn? See that's the thing. It isn't necessarily a dark djinn. It can be if you want it to be, but it doesn't have to. The djinn reflects the intentions of its owner. The Jewish mystic that trapped the dybbuk was a miserly old wretch. We know because the dybbuk djinn told us when we were working with him.

This djinn call also is white light or dual. it can be whatever kind of djinn you want it to be. It can also take any form. It's strange because when it transforms into other shapes and beings it is incredibly lifelike and you wouldn't for a second believe that it wasn't whatever it was trying to impersonate.

What can the djinn do for you? Anything you want it to. The djinn is sort of a ack-of-trades. It can grant wishes. It can surely create magic for you. He will allow you to travel on the astral plane. He will fight away malicious spirits. He will protect your house. The only reason he was haunting the people in New York is that he was still bound to the Jewish mystic who had died and left him there.

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