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Egg of Ascension

Egg of Ascension

SKU: 8132105

Sterling, size 10

The Imperial Eggs were Russian Treasures that were created for Czars Alexander III and Nicholas II.  Each of the Eggs was crafted out of expensive materials such as gold and other precious metals and stones.  The Soviet government wasn’t interested in preserving the eggs when they executed the Imperial family.  They sold them off upon seizing power.  All but seven of the known eggs creed for the Imperial family have been recovered.  Of the seven lost eggs is an egg that features a cherub and chariot egg.  This egg is not only valuable because it is a rare treasure but also provides magic to the person using it.  

This piece holds the magic of the Cherubic Egg, which allowed the members of the Imperial family the enlightenment to be able to ascend into the realm of Heaven where they would receive white light magical powers, as well as being able to explore Heaven at their leisure.  You will be able to do the same.
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