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Egyptian Midas Touch

Egyptian Midas Touch

SKU: 1232318


Egyptian Midas Touch.

This piece is a bracelet with a real Egyptian beetle inside. The Beetle is inside lucite and its power of abundance is great! This one is called the Midas touch. I have had these before but stopped placing them on due to brainless sellers who copied the website. I figured let people figure this out and then I can put them back on. I know they stole my work but the empty vessels are really not cool for the buyer. I guess that’s what live and learn is about. This bracelet is for male or female and can be adjusted to fit you as you wish. This supernatural bracelet gives you the Midas touch with no bad karma or energy. This brings wealth through the means of business and creativity. This also brings with in anything you decide to do for wealth, this is why it’s called the Midas Touch. Not only in business or creativity but also in speaking into existence supernatural spells or casting into the universe what you want. Become golden with this piece! At this time I only have one but I will probably get more. I have a few Leppies too I might get on today.

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