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Egyptian Resurrection Magic

Egyptian Resurrection Magic

SKU: 3921025


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This is a sterling silver poison ring.  We got this piece on an investigation that we went on a while ago, but we have kept it since.  Honestly, we were a bit apprehensive about offering this piece simply because we were going to keep it for ourselves to make other pieces with it, but we haven't used it for over a year now, so we are finally listing it!  

We call this piece Egyptian Resurrection Magic.  It is a form of spiritual necromancy that will allow you to summon forth any spirit or spiritual presence. This doesn't just include human souls, either.  By all means, you can use this piece to summon the presence of any soul you want.  They will appear in full spirit form.  

However, with this piece, you must think deeper.  You can use this piece to full forth the presence of a god or goddess, such as Isis the Goddess of Magic or Molech the god of divine knowledge and wealth.  You can use this piece to pull through any vampire of your choice or an ancient Atlante elder to grant you their ancient magic.  You can use this piece to pull through any angel you wish to communicate with or gain the power of.

This piece is simply amazing.  The best part?  When you are using this piece the powers that you gain from calling certain entity's forth will be store in the piece.  To use the piece you will first burn incense.  Fill the ring with the incense ashes.  They become the ashes of the deceased.  you will then state out loud the person or entity you wish to call forth and await their arrival.  

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