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El Shaddai Miracle Water

El Shaddai Miracle Water

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This piece has quite the story behind it.  It pays homage to its humble beginnings in La Trappe, France.  In La Trappe France there is an Abbey from which the strictest order of Nuns comes.  They are referred to as Trappistines and they have communities worldwide.  They were finally granted a constitution as their own religious order in 1892.  There is more to that story but I will let you look that up on your own.  

The group of Nuns is very dedicated to their cause and they are extremely conservative, but they also have a darker, more shadowy side to them.  It's not that their magic is dark.  Not at all.  On the contrary, their magic is excessively white light.  It is a secret gift that has been given to them that extends back to the Abbey of Trappe.  

Their devotion to their faith has made it so that they were able to converse with angels and saints alike.  This was an ability that they kept well-hidden simply because they didn't want people joining their order for the fanfare of it. This was an order that was founded in the 1600s, despite not receiving their constitution until almost 1900 as mentioned above.  They existed in a time when alchemy, mysticism, and the like ran rampant.  Some of it was the trough and others were false prophets and the Trappistines didn't want to get taken advantage of.  

Their gift was bequeathed to them by one Abbot Jean le BOuthillier de Rance.  He was known for his strict adherence to the Rule of Saint Benedict.  His hard work paid off when he was given his gift of divine communication by God.  This gift, as many gifts from God have been, has been multiplied.  It has increased in potency over the years, so much so that the Trappistine Nuns have gained the ability to walk with the Virgin Mary regularly.  

The virgin brought some of the special vessels that were created in Heaven.  There is a stream that runs through Heaven and is called El Shaddai, which is one of the seven holy names of God.  From this stream comes a source of holy water that originates from God himself.  In the stream flows the life and presence of God, his magic, his knowledge, and his ability to defeat evil.  

The secret vessels that were brought to the Trappistines were small bottles will with the Holy Water of El Shaddai.  The magic in the piece allows whatever water that is used to refill the bottle to be transformed into the life-giving water of El Shaddai.  It gives whoever will receive this water the knowledge and the magic of God.  It gives whoever receives it the ability to acquire God's authority over evil.  

A new Shadow Society was created with the Order.  This new society consisted of the nuns who received the relics from the Holy Mother.  These nuns understood that they were then tasked with traveling the world and ridding of evil.  They have been doing this for at least one hundred years.  They travel to the darkest places on Earth.  They cast out demons.  They are present for exorcisms.  They even have the ability to identify demons in the flesh and battle them with their white light magic.  

I would stop short of calling them warrior nuns, but only because I don't know if they'd find it disrespectful.  To be honest, though, that's exactly what they are.  They give their lives to the cause.  They are stripped of their identity and they are sent out into the world, in pairs, to battle the evil that is consuming the world.  They are only a small number, but they have made a mighty impact.  

This relic is one of the newer ones that has been given to the Trappistine Shadow Society.  It has an evil eye on top of it, but it's not actually an evil eye.  It is the Eye of God.  It beams forth with protective powers that shield whoever wears the piece.  The bottle will transform water into the living waters of God's knowledge and presence.  You can use this water either to anoint or to consume.  There are times when you will need both.  

When you wear this piece you carry the authority of God.  You will be able to see evil as it exists on the face of the Earth, but at the same time, do not fear because you will also be able to eradicate it, as the powers in this piece are incredibly strong.  The holy water can also be used to grant miracles and the things that you need in life.  It can be used to overcome obstacles or to receive divine blessings.  That's the nature of Holy Water.  The rest is because it's the water of El Shaddai, which means God Almighty.  When using this piece, you will also become almighty!  
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