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Essence of the Twofold Ouroboros

Essence of the Twofold Ouroboros

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This piece is a bracelet/watch that holds extreme powers

We have told you many times that the Ouroboros is probably one of the most powerful creatures that are not deities that have ever existed.  Its origins are in ancient Egyptian lore, but honestly, its influence has spread way further than the Egyptian border. You will find the Ouroboros in all types of places around the world.  If there is an underground magical assemblage or a secret society, the chances are they do not exist without the presence of the Ouroboros in some form or another.  We have offered several Ourobors items over the course of the years, as well.  

Why is the Ouroboros so important?  It holds the essence of time.  It is a serpent that is devouring itself.  Therefore it has no beginning and has no end.  It has always been, but it is constantly consuming its own presence.  From the old comes the new.  Out of the ashes rises something great.  It is a metaphor for the continuous and cyclic nature of existence and time.  It's also an allusion to God, whose "kingdom" (or dimensions) has no beginning or end.  When you exist outside of time, there I no possible way that time can affect you.  

Of course, to humans, this means that the Ouroboros governs the lifecycles that you have lived.  There is no human life that is infinite unless it has been acted upon by outside forces, to gain some sort of immortality.  No human is just naturally immortal.  It doesn't happen like that.  Rather, much like the Phoenix, the human experiences rebirth.  They die in one sense, but their energies are recycled to a new existence, just like the OUroboros is constantly regenerating themselves.  

The Ouroboros also alludes to unlimited knowledge and magic.  The basis of knowledge and magic exist within all of us.  That's innately who we are.  We carry the cellular memory of the Divine because we were created in the image of the Divine.  The problem is that we have been separated from the Divine.  Instead of the knowledge and within us growing, as it was originally intended to do, it lies stagnant and unused.  

This piece is incredible.  It has come from a sorcerer that holds the very essence of the Ouroboros.  It has become somewhat of a familiar for him.  He carries its magic and is able to expend this magic as he sees fit.  This is one of the many items that he has created over the years that boasts the presence of the original Egyptian Ouroboros.  In fact, this piece holds a double-ouroboros, which means its energies and presence have been summoned into the piece twice.  

The piece holds a clock for two reasons.  First, this piece naturally gives you control over time.  It allows you to stop time if you so choose, as well as allow you to travel through time and through dimensions.  It will open up dimensional doorways through which you can travel.  Since the Ouroboros is the essence of time cycles and life cycles it has this ability to grant you.  You can wherever you want and experience whatever you'd like.  

The second reason this piece holds a clock is because it holds the essence of lifecycles and time cycles.  It will allow you to travel back along your lifecycle path, to be able to experience what you have been and where you have been.  It will allow you to know your true self.  It will allow you to see where your origins started.  I'm not talking about 23 and Me here, I'm saying that this piece will allow you to trace your existence back to your primordial form.  In this form, your existence will come full circle and you will complete the cycle of the Ouroboros.  All knowledge and magic that is rightfully yours will come forth.  

We've only just begun to scratch the surface on this piece, too.  The next thing that it will allow you to do is to experience the cyclic nature of knowledge and magic.  Remember earlier, I told you that we were all born with the basis of knowledge and magic within us?  This is because our souls are energetic.  We are tied to the eternal.  We were created in the image of the divine.  This double Ouroboros will give you a double spark of energy that will awaken and enliven your divine connection.  It will allow you to experience a new rebirth of knowledge.

From this knowledge will come magic.  This is not run-of-the-mill magic, either.  This is archaic and arcane magic.  It is the rudimentary magic of the divine that will allow you to exist outside of your human state to create what you want to create and to exist how you want to exist.  It allows you exist outside of time like the Ouroboros does and become what you wish to be.  

One last thing.  The Ouroboros is also a serpent of knowledge that eats from the Life Tree.  The Life Tree is a network of energy, magic, and knowledge.  With this piece, you will be able to send the OUroboros to the Life Tree, where it will eat the fruit of the knowledge that you want.  It will then relay this knowledge/magic to you.  The knowledge/magic will then experience an OUroboric rebirth with your physical being.  At that point whatever you have asked for will be planted inside of you and will be yours for the taking.  Essentially, as the Life Tree holds all knowledge, this piece will grant you unlimited knowledge and access to magic you didn't even know existed.  

There is a reason why the ancient Egyptian embrace the Ouroboros and became so mighty in their knowledge and the magic they boasted.  This is the reason.  Get this piece today and your world will be opened up to endless possibilities!  
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