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Estrucan Immortal

Estrucan Immortal

SKU: 7262130

This piece is ster

This piece holds the presence of an ancient Estruscan wizard and djinn-master.  His name is Laxu Shepu.  He was in immortal form until about two years ago, when he finally decided to transcend, he thought that he’d receive a tiny break from magic but he only got busier with the number of people conjuring him summoning him for his magic.  So, he finally decided to retire in order to serve one master.  When you own this piee, the master will become you.  You will summon him forth with the name we have given to you.  He is very ancient and he is very skilled in what he does for you.  There isn’t really much to say about him so, I’ll just leave a list of the kinds and types of magic he will do.  Unfortunately, he stops short of offering immortality.

-As he is a djinn master he can summon any tpe of djinn for you.  He can also birth all sort of djinn

-portal opening

-stellar/planetary magic

-power creation

-reality manipulation

-protection magic

Love magic 

-money/wealth spells

-time manipulation/time walking

-transcendence/astral travel

-spirit /entity summoning

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