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Evolution of the Vril

Evolution of the Vril

SKU: 7262132

This piece is beautiful with sterling and amethyst. 

Before we go any further, I want to take a moment to just say that the future writes itself.  It reveals itself in different ways-- through books, through movies, through artwork.  This isn’t a coincidence.  Some people are ruining the world we live in.  They are people like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, etc.  You don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to, but I invite you to do your own research and figure it out.  

The evidence is overwhelmingly present.  Most of these people come from the 13 Bloodlines, but that is for another time.  What I’m getting at is that these people reveal smidgeons of the future through different types of media.  Two of the most obvious and famous that I can remember are the book 1984 by George Orwell and the Movie V for Vendetta.  

Another one o these books is called The Coming of the Race.  This was originally published in 1873 and it tells the story of a subterranean master race that exists beneath the depths of the Earth.  They control an energy call Vril, which is the esoteric energy of the cosmos.  They use this energy to create the magic that they need to survive.  

Long story short, this writing came true in most respects when a group of Nazi ended up going rogue when they knew the allied forces were closing in.  He took with him secret magic that we were being developed at Wewelsburg.  It was an esoteric magic that had been extracted from the human mind in controlled experiments that were done on the prisoners of war that were taken by the Nazis, mostly Jews.  

This new race of Nazis was administered this esoteric magic that they had created using the bodily energies of others.  They never did become quite the subterranean civilization described in the novel, but they did slip away for some time, hiding in subterranean cities that they built with the same energy that they had manufactured.  They stayed in these cities for a while, until they were able to use their energy to assume entire new forms, entirely new physical bodies, entirely new identities, immortal indestructible bodies, chock full o cosmic powers.  Their newly crafted bodies were fully in tune with the cosmic energies of the universe   They are the ones that became known a the Vril Society.  

The Vril Society are the people that I just described and they are very powerful, esoteric beings capable of creating whatever kind of magic that they wanted.  Somewhere along the lines, they ended up parting with the Nazi mantras, when they were transformed into their perfect bodies.  It was like a total 180 because now the Vril Society is about a harmonious balance of power on Earth.  In fact, they have created a collection of powerful, magical items that will give you the same sort of cosmic epiphany that the members of the Vril Society received.  

With this epiphany, you will change.  This piece offers immortality if you want it.  This piece will rearrange your DNA and you will receive a genetic makeover.  You will exist as the members of the Vril Society exist.  You’re going to be able to control the cosmic flow of the energy, including the ability to create your own magic and the ability to psychically communicate with the other members of the Vril Society. 

The Vril Society still exists in human form and has become a driving white light force, pushing humans toward total Vril and Cosmic Evolution.  Also, just because I know somebody out there is going to go total Karen and say, "OMG.... they're Nazis and this is Nazi magic."  The fact is that Vril is the power of change and they have and so have the other members they have picked up along the way.  Also, not all Nazis even wanted to be Nazis but they had no choice.  Disclosure over.
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