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Extreme Luck Wizard

Extreme Luck Wizard

SKU: 4202116

4-20-21 We don’t have a video for this one, because one isn’t really needed. This pin is very easy to use and it is very forthcoming. I mean, it says “luck” right on the pin, which is a wizard, and the word luck. Unsurprisingly, this piece contains a direct connection to a Danish luck wizard who goes by the named Lapernicus. The wizard has mastered the ancient energies of luck runes that were given from the gods to the mortals. This and other magic have helped Lapernicus acquire immortality. This is not an immortality piece. However, it does cash in on his luck abilities. This piece is an extreme, extreme luck piece. This piece will grant you luck in all things, however if holds an affinity for luck while gambling, playing cards, or any other type of casino game of chance. This includes luck in wealth. It includes luck in love. It includes luck in whatever form you can think of Whatever you need luck in this piece will help you. Luck in health is another one. Luck in business is one. The list goes on and one. This luck is a gift from the gods that is fit for a god. This should give you a good idea of the amount of luck this piece actually gives you! I hate to steal from the Bible, but ask you shall receive!

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