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Extreme Magic:  Time Changers

Extreme Magic: Time Changers

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So many people want to time travel. What they don't realize is they already are. Every day the government changes what you see, you won't remember, you won't recall. But it doesn't mean it isn't happening at all. Al Bielek had a sharp mind at 70. Al could recall everything that happened to him on the horrible day of the Philadelphia experiment. While I bring up the Philadelphia experiment this isn't really about that. This is so much more.


People email me at least once a week about time travel. I have always known it is possible. I have had serious pieces, plural for years. I also know the government has been using time travel for years to get what they want. In today's climate, you would wonder if it's true. I mean if what I’m saying was true wouldn't Afghanistan have gone smoothly?-It certainly should make you wonder if I'm telling you the truth. I’m telling you the truth but I have no way to prove it other than the pieces I havebl been working with I have had these pieces since 1999. I got these in Rhode Island when I went up to visit the writer of paranoia magazine. The little book shop had Al there interviewing one of her magazines. My ex and I got to know him and we became friends over the weekend. As the years went by we saw each other on and off and traded some interesting stories and information. One year before Christmas I was telling him how this government agency was threatening my ex with IRS if I didn’t continue with an experiment on psychic travel I was involved in. It was at that time Al gave me the pieces. These looked odd, sterling silver name tag-like bracelets. These had strange symbols and numbers on them. He told me they were the key to changing time which is a little like time travel. He had one for himself but he never knew how to use it, change the way it was programmed. While in the navy Al operated the ship but he was no scientist. The bracelet Al wore was programmed to allow him to “see”. This seeing is something those reading this can’t do.this isn’t a psychic ability, it’s your real life. It’s the life of an amnesiac, it’s what you all are. I was too so don’t feel bad. It took me all these years to figure it out. On and off I would play with them but had no luck until I decided to take one with me to the last UA I went to. That itself is a story! Anyway, I met someone there, someone very old, about 425 years old they said who knew how to use it. That too is another story for another time which I will get to in my day in the life. Getting back to this and what it does. Like I said we all want to time travel but you’re doing it more than you think but it’s not in your best interest. The government has been erasing most of your life away. Why do you think there is Deja vu? God made your mind your own but it can be erased and has been multiple times. Time has been erased, events redone, and then fast-forwarded. This piece stops that, this piece allowed you to know what’s real and what has gone on. This stops time and that is what you want. Here’s an example of just how bad things are. Once I figured this out I was very afraid to test it , at first I had someone else do it. I had Lindy test it first. I will have her tell you her story on YouTube. You can find the link here. It took so long to figure this out because how do you connect the Sphinx with astrological signs and a strange tunnel, I had to “ conjure “ Al. Al died about ten years ago and I know he’s really not dead. Al is only dead in this time, now I bring him Starbucks iced coffee and he shakes his head at me. Al used to be a huge liberal and we never discussed politics and we got on fine. Now in whatever time he travels to or rather stops he’s middle of the road. I tell him I’m middle too as I drink my Starbucks iced coffee.


I had to grab hold of Al in whatever time he was in to get more detail of what happened, the untold of Philadelphia experiment. There had to be something I was missing. The symbols for Aquarius stands for the future and is also the age of Christ’s return. The Antichrist has been born during the age of Aquarius. This age started in 1962 when 6 planets all in the same alignment and in Aquarius. The plants were the Moon, Mercury, Venus,Mars,Jupiter and Saturn. At that time all those planets were square natal position to planet Neptune. This shows again the Antichrists birth. Trying to keep within the reversal of time and clouding of your minds there is also the age of Serpentarian, the wide path and hidden astrological sign which resides between November 29th and December 17th. This is kept hidden from us and a large part of this piece. You see, you are not to know the truth of what is happening or what is to come. Things are already happening right before your eyes as in now, as in yesterday but your mind and memory are constantly being erased. It is time to stop time! Through stopping time you are also moving through it, forward and backward. I’m going to turn the rest of this over to Steve to finish as I gave him the files. Honestly, this is the most important piece you will ever own. If you think about it how do you live a life that’s not even real? How do you ever learn real supernatural power or magic when the government doesn’t want you to use or retain it? You can’t! Once I got this working, figured it out, things went crazy! My memory is phenomenal, like a magician or something. It’s strange! The memory is something that goes along with getting your life back!


Continued Bel

  • Continued

    This is now Steve. I wasn't with Deedee when she first acquired these pieces; and honestly, it took her a few years to even trust me with this information. We were working at HQ one day-- the secret HQ not anywhere that anybody reading this would know about. She called me into her office and looked me dead in the eye and said, "Steve I wanna show you something."  


    Anybody who knows me knows that I'm a goofball and I looked at her and in my best E.T. movie voice I replied, "You have absolute power." Her look didn't break, instead, it got sterner and her voice got more serious. This time I could tell she wasn't playing and this wasn't a joking matter.  


    That's when she showed me the bracelets. The bracelets are solid sterling, as she has told you. They're the name tag kind, the kind that you would get engraved and wear or give your S.O. to wear so you can mark your territory. They aren't cheap by any means, whatsoever. Instead of a name or initials or something like that, the bracelets were engraved with all these symbols and markings. These markings were like planetary symbols and Egyptian symbols. If I"m being honest, we don't really know what they all mean or where they have come from.  


    We would try to take a picture of them for you, but we can't. Well, it's not that we can't, it's that every time we do take a picture it comes out either black or so blurry that you cannot tell what is in the picture. A few years ago we sold a skull like this. It was a skull with sterling silver embellishments. It was a super powerful artifact. We couldn't take a picture of that either. We are guessing it has something to do with the energy in the sterling silver or it could be the overall magic in this piece. We aren't entirely sure, but we know that it has something to do with the power in this piece.  


    What I can tell you is that this reveals time for what it really is. We have told you before that time is illusory. There is no such thing as time. There is momentum. These pieces take it a step further because the power that is within them will allow you to see time as it really exists. It will also allow you to realize that traveling in time isn't really traveling through time, but changing time and how you experience it.  


    Nobody knows this better than the government. They have been using this time-changing ability to really screw with natural existence. The way they use the piece allows them to cause people to forget what time they existed in and to adapt to their new time parameters. There are entire groups of individuals who live in different time realities -- different changes in time-- that have been created by the government for various reasons. For example, the Philadelphia Experiment is just one time when the government messed with time and reality.  


    They have been messing with reality for several reasons. The first of these is to mess with our minds, so they are easier to control. They flip time and reality and what we experience on us so we forget about what we've really seen and what we've really experienced. It is easier to make religion look cloudy this way and to get people to follow fake religions. This way they can earn more souls for Satan and their reptilian, Luciferian agenda.  


    As for the markings on this bracelet. We told you that we don't really know where they have come from or what they mean. This is the truth. What we do know is that they have something to do with the capstones of the pyramid-- not the ones that you see in this reality. We are talking about the capstones as they really exist. We have told you guys many times that the capstones of the pyramids has been hidden from the human eye. To see them you must reach certain enlightenment-- in other words, a change in reality


    The pyramid capstones are the key to controlling the time/reality changing that we've told you about. Part of how these pieces works are through establishing a connection to the capstones. Again, we aren't entirely certain what the symbols on this piece mean, we are simply telling you what we already know. We know the capstone somehow controls time as we know it. We know that time isn't really time, it's how we perceive reality. We are almost certain that these pieces come from "the future." We know the government has been using pieces like this to alter our perception of reality and that they have really done a number on how we are actually supposed to experience reality.  


    Again, this piece holds super-charged magic. This piece allows you to travel through time by changing time. this is done by changing what you experience. You will do this through the markings on this piece. These marks hold ancient codes that will allow you to control reality/time. You will be able to manifest the future or you will be able to manifest the past. Or, you can manifest any reality that you desire. It will allow you to stop time and then bring time to you. In this manner, you will be able to travel through time.  


    This ability is pivotal in the times that we are experiencing. First and foremost, this piece shields you. At the same time, it allows you to use the power of that piece to manifest your own reality. This includes the ability to manifest a pocket of time that you desire to experience. For our intent and purposes, we call that linear parallels. Instead of you having to travel through time, time will come to you.  


    Through using this piece you will be able to gain any power or ability that you want. You will hold full control of time with the ability to manifest any time that you want into your existence, into your reality. This piece is unlike any we have ever experienced. You will be able to summon time as it were a spirit. You will experience that time and all that it has to offer.  


    Artifacts such as the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, the Lost Treasure of Montezuma, and even El Dorado have been hidden using pieces like this one. The government has used it for mind control. Other secret societies have used to transcend time to build an incredible wealth of knowledge and magic. Advanced healing, timelessness, and even immortality can be acquired using this piece. You can travel to other realms using this piece and unlock the gateway to power things cush as stargates and celestial doors etc. 

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