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Extreme Wealth Magic and the Great Reset That Ensues

Extreme Wealth Magic and the Great Reset That Ensues

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Okay, so here's the thing, folks. The Great Reset is upon us. Oh, you don't know what the Great Reset is? Allow me to tell you. In the wake of the Plandemic... opps, spell check... pandemic, there was a meeting of the minds. These were not the minds of the underrepresented, but a meeting of very rich political and business minds. T

The Great Reset was the name of the 50th meeting of the World Economic Fund. It passed by rather unceremoniously, and why wouldn't it? It's not like we ever have a say in what goes on in our world.

So, these hoighty-toighty "do-gooders" met after receiving an invitation from none other than Charles, the Prince of Wales. Gasp! The royal family is involved with the prioritization and management of the world's wealth and endeavors? Mind-blowing!

Anyway, Mr. Scwab (gee, where have I heard THAT name before?), the CEO of the WEF decided that now is the time to lay out three points that would be adopted moving forward. Honestly, I don't remember what the three points were, nor do I care. I'll let you in on a little secret. It didn't really matter what the "Three Points" were.

These three points were written in jargon that essentially said something like, "blah, blah, blah, we're establishing a one-world government, we need to be more financially interdependent, we need to have a single financial system, we need to be able to maintain stability and establishing a one-world system is essentially the only way today that. We're all in this together. Gp get 'em, tiger." Then, he probably turned to Angela Merkel and said something like, "Do you think they fell for it, Ang?"

Here's the thing. We are in the midst of the single largest false flag attack of our lives. I'm not saying that it isn't real. I"m not saying that it hasn't affected people on very real levels. What I'm saying is that people died during the bombing of the German Customs Station. People died during the September 11 WTC attacks; and, people died from this pandemic-- this time on a massive, worldwide scale.

What comes next? People will begin feeling like they can turn to their "trustworthy" leaders for support during their traumatic times. They've thrown a few bones. Next thing you know a worldwide operation to appease the masses ensues.

A massive, worldwide (or at least nearly worldwide) socialist state is established. The people at the top-- the politicians and world commerce leaders who threw the public their scraps-- will swoop in and be the heroes.

These heroes will position themselves at the top of the food chain, essentially controlling everything, dictating how people will or will not be able to live their lives. These are the principles of the Great Reset.

Once these people move in and control the masses, they will begin implementing all types of policies and procedures-- mandatory chipping, curfews, tracking, medical scenarios of all types, etc. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

Just like Hitler marked the Jews at Auschwitz, people will eventually be forced to take the Mark of the Beast, because-- let's face it-- the kind of people running this new poop show are mostly Satanists.

There's nothing you can really do about it besides refuse the whole thing. You'll be outcast to the exiled lands, which will be a part of the world that the newly established government will set aside for prisoners and people they don't want.

Maybe you could defect to Russia. They will probably refuse to partake, at least at first. Even the Great Bear will eventually fall. This is why Deedee is so gung-ho on prepping and survival.

I know this sounds like a whole bunch of doom and gloom, but here's a silver lining to the predicament. In those days, you will be defined by the wealth that you possess. Here's another little secret. People at this Great Reset meeting also partook in magical rituals to develop magical wealth pieces.

It's not enough that they are about to strip people of their lives and freedom dressed as wolves in sheep's clothing, but they also want to use magic in the meantime to bleed us as dry as they possibly can before they mount their psychological attack. They truly are disgusting people.

Anyway, we have acquired one of these wealth items. Folks, if you've ever wanted wealth, this one here is the piece. I say that about a lot of pieces because a lot of our pieces offer wealth. What I'm saying is that this piece surpasses those expectations. This is extreme, supernatural, metaphysical wealth magic that has been created from across several platforms of magic.

It wasn't just Kabbalah. It wasn't just Gnosticism. It wasn't just Druid magic. It wasn't just Babylonian, Hermetic, white light, or dark shadow magic. It was created with a conglomeration of dozens of types of magic. They have all been amassed for one purpose and one purpose only: bring wealth to the person who owns it, from all sources, at all costs.


    So, then you are probably wondering what I have to offer.  Prior to the end of my journey, David took one of the 12 stones out of his crown.  It was the Stone of Levi.  If you aren't familiar, the Levites were chosen as the priest class to serve God.  In this case, the Stone of Levi will grant you the Great Awakening that is to come in the following year.  I've already told you all the great powers that you will receive during the great awakening.  

    To recap-- Those who receive the truth-- the Awakening-- will be shown great signs of the times to comes.  They will be given new life and they will be welcome among the Heavenly Host.  They will share in the inheritance, which is white light and divine magic, miracles, closeness to God, healing, eternal youth, jubilation, and the ability to live in the House of the Lord.  It is the ability to see with the Eye of Providence, to gain all wisdom, and to become ethereal and omnipresent in your existence.  

    This is not only a powerful piece, but it is incredibly life-changing.  So, again I pose the question-- are you going to join the procession of saints or are you going to be left behind.  The choice is yours.  If you are reading this, then destiny has already led you down the path you need to be on.  You know what you have to do.

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