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This piece is an antique ivory necklace with a picture of Finn in it. 

This is the piece that goes to Finn's Saga as an immortal vampire.  This piece is epic.  The picture in this piece is Finn before he went off to war.  His life took a drastic turn from there and his epic adventure is chronicled in our blog posts.  You can visit those blog posts using the following link.

This piece gives you Finn's bloodline.  This means you will get the presence of Celemus, Kraven, the Native, and Finn.  You can have these entities for companions, but I'll be honest Celemus and the Native don't say much.  Finn is sociable and so is Kraven.  Celemus is a master of magic and it is from him that the magic in this stems.  All four entities are very powerful and bring unique angles of magic to you.  

Moreover, these four will work with you to develop a repertoire of magic that you wish to create.  Nothing is off the table!  Finn will also escort you to the Cave of Life where, just he did, you will be able to tie together all of your past lives, including entities that are part of who you are that you had no idea even existed.  This piece will allow you to exist as a whole entity, rather than being limited to the one lifetime that you have been experiencing so far.  

This piece is extremely powerful, extremely revelatory, and will put a multitude of power at your fingertips.  Finn is one of the most powerful vampires we have ever worked with, so that should tell you something right off the bat.  If you have any other questions about the piece, as to specific things it can do, you can email us and we will work with Finn and the rest of the entities to get an answer.  Serious inquiries only, please.  Our time is as valuable to us as yours is to you.

    It was a frigid morning on the day that I died.   The battle raged on between the trees.  I was crouched behind a large white oak.  I thought the coast was clear, but it wasn’t.  I stood up from my hiding spot.  That was a very bad decision.  The union soldier spotted me from about a dozen yards away.  Had I stood up facing the other direction I might not even be telling you this story today?  


    Even among the sounds and the confusion of battle, I heard the gunshot crack like a whip in the air.  It hit me in the chest and I felt the warmth of the bullet as it splintered through my bones, lodging itself within my flesh.  Fresh, bright red blood began trickling down the front of my body.  It began to soak my uniform and as it did, steam rose from where I’d been hit.  


    I attempted to fight against the inevitable, but the more I tried to struggle to stand, the harder it became.  I kneeled on one knee, then on both.  I could feel each beat of my heart, like a drum counting the seconds of life I had left within me.  I was a mere 18 years old, still, a boy, when I was sent off to fight for the confederacy.  They promised us money and land in exchange for my service and my dying moments I could only hope that my family would receive my portions. 


    My breath began to become more shallow.  I could see it against the dense, cold air.  My body began to tremble.  A small stream of blood began trickling from the corner of my mouth.   I looked up and the union soldier had advanced.  He looked at me in terror at what he had done.  Shakily, I reached up to my hand, managing to choke the words, “help me,” out of my mouth.  For a moment he paused.  There came some rustling from somewhere in the woods.  He looked down at me as if to say he was sorry and then he ran off.  


    My vision became foggy and the world around me became nothing but a blur.  In those moments my life flashed before my eyes.  I’ve often heard a theory about how before you die, as you are dying you relive your entire life.  You never truly die, your subconscious simply continues to relive life afterlife.  I don’t know if that is true or not.  What I can tell you is that my life flashed before my eyes.  


    I heard my mother's voice calling to me from the house.  She had been slaving all day over a hot stove and our supper was finally prepared.  She was a beautiful woman with dark hair and silvery eyes.  She is the one that has done the raising in our family.  My dad was busy tending to the fields and the farm animals.  There was Percy, a Black man my dad had bought from a slave auction.  He only had one eye and nobody else would buy him.  My dad wasn’t one for having slaves, but he knew that if nobody had bought Percy, he would have died because of his vision defect.  Percy helped my dad in the field and such, but other than that my father had little help. As I grew I helped him, but by the time I was eleven he was gone.  


    One fateful night a thief happened upon our property.  There was some clattering out by the barn.  My dad and Percy went out to see what was happening.  From inside the house, I could hear only one shot ring out, but that was the shot that took my father’s life.  He left behind his widow, two young daughters, and me, his son.  There were years of arduous work to be done and as a young man whose father had died, it was my job to fill that role.  


    My mind then flashed to a time in my life when I had progressed in age.  I was around the age of 15 in this particular memory.  It was the very first time that I set my eyes upon the love of my life.  As the memory flashed in my mind, I could still feel the heat from the fire radiating from the town’s bonfire.  We had several of these bonfires and that night was when I first met Marguerite.  


    Marguerite was a proper lady.  She dressed in nice linens and she was schooled properly.  She was a Southern Belle if there ever was one.  When she spoke her words came out soft and airy.  Her hair tumbled around her face in bountiful locks.  On that particular night, I could see the fire dancing in her eyes as she gazed intently upon it.  The light from the flames lapped her cheeks like waves of radiance.  We had spent the whole night together after having been introduced by her cousin.  We were just children, but at that moment she looked like a woman and it was then that I knew I wanted to spend my entire life making her happy.  


    We spent more and more time together as the next few years passed.  Each day that I was with her was the best day of my life.  I loved everything about her.  When she laughed she filled my heart with happiness.  When she cried it felt like my heart was being ripped from my chest.  She was wise beyond her years and so was I, having to become a man at such a young age.  


    One summer night, about a month before I was sent into battle, Marguerite and I were sitting on the bank of the river listening to the bubbling of the water and the chirping of the crickets.  I looked at her beautiful brown eyes and told her that I’d be honored to have her spend the rest of her life with me if she’d have me.  At that moment I asked her to be my wife.  A tear rolled down her cheek and I lifted my finger to wipe it away, as she agreed to marry me.  


    As I watched another tear roll down her cheek, time transitioned again.  This time tears were rolling down her cheek, but for a different reason.  She was in a panic.  She was walking away from me as I told her I was headed off to war.  


    “How?  How Finn?  How are you going off to fight a war that you don’t even agree with?”  she asked, throwing her hands up into the air.  


    “Marguerite, don’t you understand, I”m doing this for us?  I’m doing this for our future!  I’m doing this so that our SON has a future ahead of him.” I yelled, pointing at her abdomen.


    She spun around in her tracks, catching me in my face with a slap that could have woken the dead.  “Don’t you talk about MY child, Finn?  Don’t you say that you are doing this for him?”  


    “It’s my child, too, Margo.  This is why I’m going.”  I responded gently.  


    “Well it won’t be if you never return home,” she retorted as she walked away from me with her nose in the air indignantly.  


    I was leaving later that night for the war.  She had spent the past several days trying to convince me not to go.  The offer was too lucrative, though.  I needed someplace for my small family to thrive.   The night that I proposed to her, Marguerite and I had made passionate love under the silver light of the moon.  It is the same night that she conceived my child.  We had agreed to name the child Charlie, whether it was a boy or a girl after my late father Charles.   


    Later that night Marguerite approached me in my barn as the sun hung low in the sky and the horizon began to turn lavender.  


    “Come here….” she said.  I obliged.  She wrapped her gentle arms around my head as I sobbed into her breasts.   “I love you, Finn.  I want you to know that.  You come back to me.  You go out and you fight and you come back to me.  And Charlie.  And everyone.”


    As my breaths became strained and my eyes began to close,  I suddenly felt my body being hoisted from the ground.  My eyes went shut and everything went pitch black. When I was able to open my eyes again, I saw a small fire and a Native American man in full headdress.  He was chanting and dancing wildly around a fire.  I could hear his guttural cries coming from deep within his body.  There were markings on the cave walls and I could see them glowing from out of the darkness as if they were on fire.  I was conscious and unconscious a lot throughout the process, but the markings on the cave were foreign to me, unlike anything I’ve ever seen.   


    During the process, the Native man came over to my lifeless body.  I had become lifeless at some point.  I only know because my spirit left my body.  When it did I was able to see out into the universe.  I saw it back along my ancestral line, clear back to the beginning of time.  I saw my forefathers who were warriors, kings, countrymen, soldiers, and yes, even sorcerers.  I received the whole knowledge of who I am, who I used to be, and my bloodline and lineage.  I was joined with my primordial self in the arcane times.  I was able to bring my very first form of existence back to life with me.  My very first existence was an energetic, Cosmic vampire.   I reached out for this existence and its knowledge.  


    As the Native man approached my body he opened my mouth and poured some type of liquid into my throat.  Immediately my soul was sucked back into my body like a vacuum had been created. My mind was very violently pulled back into place.  As I came back to life, I sat up and sucked for air as if I had just been punched in the gut.  I looked around for a moment before my eyes rolled back into my head and I passed out.  


    When I awoke again, the scene was different.  The markings on the cave had gone away.  The fire was barely still alive.  The Native man had disappeared.  Yet, I was alive.  The wound in my chest had been fully healed as if it never even happened.  I found that I was in no pain at all.  I could see better, I could hear better, I could even smell better.  I got up from where I was laying and realized the fire had gone out.  Despite all this, I could still see in the dark.  I began moving toward the source of light, which I assumed was the mouth of the cave.      I was astonished to realize how fast I could move.  


    I felt like a brand new person.  It was then that the flashback from when I had taken that drink came to me.  It was then that I put two and two together.  I had brought my primordial lifeform back with me into the present day.  The vampiric lifeform that I had taken for thousands of years was now resurrected and had joined me in returning to my body.  Essentially, this meant that I was no longer human but a vampire.  Although, I didn't crave or need blood like a normal vampire.  I was able to live off of the cosmic rays and energies that permeated the atmosphere.  The shining sun invigorated my body and filled me with speed and agility.  It refreshed my being and charged it with energy.  I felt like a bolt of lightning.  


    To test my theory of immortality, I climbed to the top of a very high ledge and threw myself off of it.  I landed with a thunk.  For an instant, I felt a slight jolt of pain.  Groaning, I got up from the ground, stood in the sun, and within a few seconds I felt whole again.  I did this a few more times-- not because I wanted to reassure myself, simply because the falling part was fun.  It was a sheer thrill.  Given that it took mere seconds to get to the top of the ledge, it was more of a game than anything.  


    For a few hours the thrill of life and the fact that I had been brought back as an immortal vampire elated me.  Then, the reality of what that meant kicked in.  By the time I would manage to return home, my family would have already received the news of my passing.  How would I explain to them what had happened?  Would they believe me?  Would they care?  What would they say when I didn’t age?  I determined that it would be better if I didn’t reveal to them what I had become.


    It took me several weeks to walk my way home, but it didn’t matter because my body didn’t get tired.  I was like a human-machine.  I could go and go and not get worn out.  I found that I was excessively strong, too.  Also, I could read minds and pretty much get people to do what I wanted them to do by thinking it into existence.  I could see through their minds to do this.  It felt like traveling through a wave of information.  Once I was past the wave, anything I thought became their reality and they did it.  It’s pretty astounding.    


    Eventually, I returned home, but I did not announce myself.  I lurked in the shadows upon a hill by my childhood home.  I kept an intent eye on everything that happened.  Seasons passed and I found out that I couldn’t get cold.  I didn't get hot.  I do not require food or water.  I can eat and drink and I do that to fit in and seem natural.  For instance, now I drink alcohol and it still gets me drunk. All I need, though, is the cosmic energy of the universe for survival.  


    As the seasons passed, though, I found that I could still feel emotion.  It pained me to have to watch my family progress from afar.  I could hear the laughter of my sisters and my son as they played in fields by my home.  I could smell the aroma of the apple pies my mother set in the window to cool.  I would visit by night, watching my son grow through the windows.  At one point Marguerite caught a glimpse of me through the window.  Her face turned pale as a ghost and she whispered, “Finn?  Is that you?” out into the night sky.  Of course, I quickly vanished.  I can move practically at the speed of light.     


    After that encounter, I retreated to my treeline and became glum.  I had always been kind of saddened by the fact that I could not interact with my family.  However, that night it hit me particularly hard.  I found a gully.  I laid down there and wished for death.  At first, I laid there for a day.  A day became two days.  Two days became a week.  A week became a month.  I covered myself with dirt and then became covered naturally with leaves and moss and other woodsy junk.  I couldn’t sleep.  I didn’t die.  All I could think about was how I wanted to be part of my family again. I wished I had died that day in the woods during the war.  Then, I wouldn’t have to feel all the anguish that I felt.  In total, I remained lying in the gully for about 15 years.  I was lying there one day when I heard the sound of rustling leaves in the distance.  I didn’t bother stirring, but then the footsteps drew closer.  I could hear a human's heart beating within their chest.  I could smell their scent as they came closer and closer.  I was getting ready to lunge.  Honestly, I don’t even know why.  I sat up from my gully fully prepared to kill whoever was about to cross my path.  


    Then, this boy stepped out from behind a tree and I caught a glimpse of him.   He stood about five feet and eleven inches tall.  Puberty had begun to set in because he had thin facial hair above his lip.   His hair was dark and thick and his shoulders were broad.  He looked down at me from where he was standing perplexedly.  I looked back at him perplexedly for a different reason altogether.  Looking at the young lad was like peering into a mirror.  Then he opened up his mouth and began to speak.  He spoke like a man, but with a gentleness that I distinctly remembered as Marguerite's.  


    “Hiya, Mister.  Are you lost?  My name’s Charlie.”   


      I could hear his voice resonate within my mind.  The rest of the world began to fade away.  All I could see was the child.  He was talking, but I didn’t even hear his words at that point.  Was this Charlie?  Was this MY Charlie?  It must have been.  The child hadn’t stopped talking.  This had to be my Charlie.  He was a boy, but he was nearly a man!  I couldn’t believe that I was encountering my son.  Sure, he didn’t stop talking, but I was known to do that when I was his age, too.  It’s one of the reasons Marguerite fell in love with me.  


    “Tell me, boy, where do you live?”, I asked.  


    “Just down there and across the creek, sir,” he replied.  


    “And your mother?”  I asked.  


    “Her name is Marguerite.  She’s a widow.  My Pa never came home from the war,  Of course, there used to be Uncle Percy.”  He continued. 


    “Used to be Uncle Percy?’  I asked.  


    “Yessir, he died from Typhoid a few years back.  Poor old fella.  He caught it and never stood a chance.  The doctor said…” he trailed off.  Then, I stopped listening again.  It was then that I realized I must've been in the woods longer than I had realized.  


    “How old are you lad?  What’s the year?  Who won the war?” I asked.  


    “I’m 16 years old, sir.  The year is 1875.  Why are you in that ditch anyway?” He continued.  “The Yanks did, but that was before your time.  What are you so worried about it for?  That war was over when I was still a baby.  You can't be much older than I am, mister.”  


    I was puzzled for a second and then it hit me.  As part of my immortality, I must have completely stopped aging, too.  My head began to ache and swirl.  Suddenly, I could no longer tolerate the presence of the boy.  I knew that I had been brought back to life, but it never occurred to me that I had been frozen in time.  I had been biologically stunted.  I would remain a mere 18 years old for the rest of my existence.  


    “Uh, look, Charlie.  I need you to do something for me.  I need you to leave me alone for a bit.  Go back to your mother, but don’t tell anybody that you’ve seen me.  Okay?  What about your grandmother?  Is she still… around?” I asked, suddenly remembering I hadn’t asked about my own mother.  


    “Wait, how did you know about her?”  He looked down to the ground as if he had been hit over the head with a ton of bricks.  


    “Your Grandmother, boy.  Your Grandmother!  What about her?”  I asked frantically.


    He looked up with tears streaming down his face.  “She’s gone!  Okay?  Is that what you want me to tell you?  He yelled back at me.  “She’s gone.  She died about a month ago.  Forgive me for yelling, but it’s still fresh.  She’s been gone for a little bit over a month.   


    I had stood up by that point, but I felt weak in the knees like I was going to fall back down.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was feeling inside.  It was emotions, but for some reason, my body would let me cry.  I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t.  It must’ve shown visibly on my face because Charlie began to question me again. 


    “Geez, I said I was sorry, Mister,” he began.  


    “It’s not that, Charlie.  Look, I just need you to go for now.  Come back a week from today.  Meet me at the same spot.  And Charlie, you have to promise you won’t tell anybody about seeing me, okay?”  I responded.  


    Charlie replied, “Yeah, sure.  Our secret.”  


    As he trotted off into the woods I felt like I was going to be sick.  The emotion that ran through me was hot and uncomfortable.  What had I done?  My own mother had died, not even having gotten to say goodbye to her only son.  I didn’t ask about my sisters, but I can only imagine that they had moved away and started families of their own.  Guilt rushed through my mind.  I could have seen her, right?  I could have let her die knowing that I was alright.  I could have done something.  I realized at that point that immortality was not the type of gift that people think it is.  It’s long and it’s painful.  That was only the beginning.   


    Over the next few years, I spent a lot of time with my boy.  Of course, I forbade him from telling anybody.  I knew that he was telling the truth when he told me that he hadn’t.  I had developed a sort of uncanny ability to hear the thoughts of others.  I could hear his mind, connected to it almost. That’s the only way I know to describe it.   


    For about three years, I met Charlie in the woods once a week or once every couple of weeks.  He obviously didn’t know that I was his father.  He thought we were best friends.  He told me about how Percy taught him to keep the land and about how his grandmother has taught him to make apple pie.  One of his aunts had moved to Chicago and the other had been married and lived in Georgia.  


    “It’s just me and my mama now,” he would tell me.  “My father must’ve been a great man.  She refuses to find anyone to marry.  She says that she could search the whole world over and not find a man like him.”  


    Eventually, Charlie found a girlfriend of his own.  She was a girl named Charlotte.  She was a real beauty from what he had told me.  The visits became less frequent and then one day he showed up and something was off.  I could feel it within him.  Then I could see it in his mind.  He was nineteen about to turn twenty at the time.  He had managed to keep our secret the entire time, but he had finally broken it.  It’s not as though I can blame him.  


    “Charlie, I told you that I had to remain a secret.  You can’t tell anybody about me,” I began.  


    “Wait… how did you… it was just Charlotte,” he replied.  


    “Charlie, no!  Nobody can find out about me.  Ever!”  I demanded.  


    “What’s your problem anyway?” he asked.  “All you ever do is spend time in the woods all by yourself.  You don’t DO anything.  And you know what else?  Do you know what I’ve noticed?  It’s like you don’t even age.  We’ve been friends for four years now and you haven’t aged a bit  And that’s really creepy, okay? I don’t even know your name, you know that?  Who are you?”  


    I felt the agony well up inside of me once again.  “I can’t tell you who I am, Charlie.  Besides, you wouldn’t believe me even if I had.  I think we shouldn’t see each other anymore, my friend,” I stated.  


    He retorted, “You know what?  That’s just fine.  Great.  I have better things to do besides hanging out with a forest boy anyway.  So, just… go back to laying in ditches or whatever it is you do.”


    He walked away with tears streaming down his face.  He really had inherited his mother's emotional disposition.  As much as it hurt Charlie, it hurt me even more.  I think we really bonded on an intrinsic level.  He never had a father and had lost so many people at a young age. Yet, there I was having to send him off because I couldn't come to terms with who and what I had become.  I was afraid to reveal myself to him, or anyone for that matter.  And why?  I chalked it up to the fear of rejection.  Or, maybe a fear of the unknown.  


    I left the place where I had met Charlie.  I hiked due west for a few days until I found an abandoned cabin on the side of a mountain, deep in the woods, far away from anyone or anything.  When I arrived at the cabin I first noticed that there were initials carved into one of the wooden beams.  It made me think of the night I had proposed to Marguerite.  It was the night she had conceived Charlie.  Young love was always the best love, or so they said.  I had experienced love but for a season before it was ripped from my arms.  At that point in time, I decided that I’d never love again.  


    I stayed in the cabin for a few years, “living” off the land.  This doesn’t really mean anything, because It doesn't take much for me to live.  I don’t need to eat, so I don’t need food.  What I really mean is that I existed in solitary.  I thought a lot.  I thought about God and existence.  There had to be an explanation somewhere for what I had become.  I thought about Marguerite.  Would she ever find a suitor worthy of her love?  Would she ever move on?  I thought about Charlie.  Would he marry Charlotte?  Would I have grandchildren?  What would he make of his life?  Eventually, it all came to a head and it was just too much to deal with.  I slipped into one of my “sleeps' '.  When I awoke, nearly 100 years had passed. 


    As I’m sure you can imagine when I woke up things were entirely different.  When I had first gone into my trance it was still the end of the 1800s.  I have taken a lot of time to research things in life.  I realized that the first automobile was actually released in 1885, but it was nothing like what I woke up to in 1970.  I’m not quite sure how somebody hadn’t managed to find me in my shack.  Again, I didn’t realize how long I had been down and out.


    You can imagine my surprise when I returned to the spot where Charlie and I used to meet, but it was no longer a wooded area.  Instead, there were rows of houses with tidy little streets.  Instead of dirt or stone, they were paved solid.  The streets were filled with these boxes that people sat in that would take them from place to place.  It took me a while to figure out that they were called automobiles.  Don’t even get me started on electricity.  Everything was aglow.  I swear that when I returned it was brighter at night than it was during the day while I was still alive.  The music had changed.  There were radios and televisions.  People cooked food in things called microwaves and America had become a united, peaceful nation again.   I’m obviously paraphrasing the things I learned over time.  It took me a while to blend in.  


    For about the first week or so, I retreated into the woods.  I watched and I learned the patterns of the things around me.  The cars on the streets below, the trains off in the distance, even machines used for flying that I would learn later were called airplanes.  It would literally take me hours to sit here and tell you about how long it had taken me to become accustomed to the times.  However, once I had it down there was no stopping me.  I could blend in with the best of the best and I have throughout the rest of my existence.


    The first person I met upon reviving myself from my 100-year-sleep was a man named Butch.  It was a mere week after I woke up.  I was walking along with one of those roads that had been built.  I heard a rumbling sound off in the distance.  Then I began to feel something shaking the ground.  It scared me a bit, so I began running, but it was no use.  The sound was coming faster than I could run.  I threw myself to the ground and covered my head.  I looked up just in time to see this enormous automobile come grinding to a halt.  


    The vehicle that was in front of me was enormous.  It had a cabin and attached to the cabin was what looked kind of like a boxcar, only it had at least a dozen wheels.  An old man reached his head out of the window and yelled at me.


    “You lost, kid?”  the old man yelled.  


    “Kind of.  I guess so.”  I replied.  


    “Come on, get in!  They’re calling for rain and you’ve got at least a five-mile walk until you get back to town.”  He replied.  “I'll give you a lift.” 


    I did as I was told.  The old man introduced himself as Butch.  He was a portly old man with a white beard and glasses.  He wore a red cap on his head.  His mustache was stained yellow from his pipe smoke. 


    “What are you doing out there on the highway anyhow?  That’s a good way to get killed.”  He went on.  


    “What’s a highway?” I asked. “The hard road?” 


    “Uhh, yeah kid.  Are you on drugs, kid?” he asked.  “I don’t take too kindly to those hippies and their drugs?”  


    “No, sir.  No drugs.” I replied as I watched the trees wisp by the window.  The truck had gone faster than any horse I’d ever ridden.  “Just taking it all in.”  


    “Right.  So, where ya headed anyway?” Butch asked.


    “I’m not really sure, to be honest.  I’m afraid my home is gone.” I responded.  I must have blanked out after that.  I began thinking of Marguerite, Charlie, my mom, my sisters, and even my father.  Next thing I know Butch is shaking me.  


    “Hey, kid.  We’re in Atlanta.  How far are you going?”  He asked.  


    “Were in Georgia?  Already?” I responded. 


    “Yeah.  Look, it’s about to be dark.  Where am I taking you? He asked.  


    I pondered for a second.  I really had nowhere to go.  I had no home.  At this point I was a nomad with nothing but the clothes on my back.  “Well, where are you going?” I asked.  “Can I go there?”  


    “Look.  I don’t know much about you, but you seem like a good kid.  I can’t afford to pay you much, but I could use the help unloading the truck.  I’m just warning you, though.  I’m going cross-country.”  


    “Cross-country?”  I replied.  


    “Yeah, kid.  Cross Country.  All the way to California.  Nothing but the open road.  It’s freedom at its finest.  Now, like I said.  I can’t pay you much.  I can help you out with meals.  Maybe a change of clothes or two.  By the way, why are you dressed like that, anyway?  You doing some kind of re-enactment?  I heard they do those up in Pennsylvania where Gettysburg took place.”  


    “Yes, yes.  I was doing a reenactment, but I’m done with that now.  Those days are behind me.  I’m ready for the open road.”  I replied.  


    “You’re kinda weird, kid.  I like it, though.” Butch responded.  


    I remained with Butch for about a year.  I never tried hiding what I was from him.  He just never believed me.  I told him about the war and my family.  He told me about his wife.  She was a nurse during a different war, but had caught some type of incurable illness and passed away.  They never had any kids and he had always wanted to travel, so he became a truck driver.  


    As for my story, he always took it with a grain of salt.  He would always say something like, “Oh, so that’s the story you’re sticking with.” Or, “Kid, you are quite the mystery.”  For a while he was like the father that I had never had.  He looked out for me.  He dressed me in modern clothing.  He brought me up to the times.  And although he did it skeptically he’d answer my questions when I asked him about the modern marvels I was experiencing such as lights, cars, gasoline, supermarkets, television, etc.  He was patient and eager to answer.  It was during that time that I had totally forgotten what I had learned in the cave.  I had forgotten what I really was.   I mean, I knew you were immortal.  I knew that I couldn't die, but I forgot what I had seen in the cave.  It must have been the sleep.  I could remember being in the cave and, but I seemed to have caught some sort of blockage. 


    Like I said, I was with Butch for a year, give or take.  I really don’t remember.  It could have been longer.  Things feel like blurs to me these days, as I have been around for over 150 years.  What I do remember is that it was 1970 the year I first met her.  She had a traveling soul as I do.  I could tell because I could see it.  I could sense the flightiness in her whimsical attitude.  I met her in a diner, but I knew that wasn’t where she was going to spend her life.  She was destined for greatness.  She didn’t know it yet, but I did.  


    Honestly, I can’t remember the name of the diner where I first met her, but I remember what she was wearing.  She was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white blouse.  She had an apron around her neck.  Her dirty blonde hair fell in tufts around her shoulders.  Her voice drifted through the restaurant and her laughter, although fake, was bubbly and addictive.  


    I zoned in on her and I could hear the thunk-thunk of her heartbeat.  I could smell her blood as it ran through her veins.  I could see the beads of sweat in her bangs as she raced around to make sure everyone was taken care of.  She intoxicated my senses.  I felt like I was in a dream.  I tried frantically to remember what had happened in the cave, but I couldn't.  It felt like it brought me to life.     


    I was with Butch and we were having supper. I must have been staring because he looked across the table and said, “Take a picture, kid.  It’ll last longer.” The thing is that Butch isn’t that quiet when he says things and the girl turned around and made her way over to our table.   She introduced herself as Stevie, told us she was going to be our waitress and asked if we’d be starting with something to drink.


    Her voice sounded angelic, her breath was sweet.  She had thoughts of not wanting to be there, but who doesn’t when they are working in a restaurant?  I could also hear her thoughts and they told me that she thought I was cute as well.  Her exact thoughts were, “Well he’s a little bit younger than me, but he’s cute.”  I didn’t know what to do at the moment, so I fumbled out a half-muffled, “I like you, too.” 


    “Okay, she said,” smiling.  I'm going to go get your drinks.”  She looked at me out of the corner of her eye, giving me a little wink.  She knew I knew what she was thinking and it didn’t freak her out.  By the end of our time at the diner, I had made plans to see her later that night.  We were just outside San Francisco and the night couldn’t have been more perfect for romance.  


    I felt a pang of guilt take over my body when I first saw her standing there, her perfect silhouette accentuated by the moonlight.  Everything seemed to look better in the moonlight.  What would Marguerite think about this… me and another woman?  I had to move on with my life, though.  It had been nearly a century and I needed to let go, and if I am being perfectly honest nothing looked quite as beautiful as Stevie’s pale skin in the moonlight.  It was now or never. 


    She stood there eager to know me and as I advanced toward her she held out her hand.  I took her hand in mine and it felt like two pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together.  It had been a long time since I felt anything but anguish and pain.  Stevie made me feel alive in a way that I had never felt before.  She was sprite and present.  She made me feel like I really mattered.  Of course, Butch was a great mentor, but Stevie understood me on a different level.  


    As I took her hand in mind she began skipping along.  I didn’t really understand this new-age fashion.  It was a dress the full length of her body.  It was white and shimmery.  In her hair was a halo of flowers, which I thought was appropriate for how angelic she looked.  The fabric of her dress rustled in the night breeze and when the fabric clung to her body, it was mesmerizing and inviting.  


    “Come on,” she said as she tugged my arm pulling me forward.  


    “Uh, okay… where are you taking me?” I responded.  


    “Oh, you’ll see,” she replied as she slightly bit her bottom lip.  


    She pulled me through a patch of woods, galloping along a barely beaten path.  As she pulled me along, she kept turning around to smile at me.  Her gallop turned into a slight run and the path we were on opened up to a small grassy meadow encompassed by trees on all sides.  It was an oasis of green in the midst of the dark forest.  I could have easily outrun her, given the fact that my new vampiric abilities allowed me to move at superhuman speed, but that definitely would have ruined the moment.  I only mention this because in trying to slow myself down to her pace, I lost my footing.  


    As I lost my balance, I could feel Stevie trying to pull me up, but it was no use.  We both went tumbling into the grass.  As we fell, Stevie landed on top of me, giggling wildly.   As we both lay there trying to catch our breath, she pointed up to the sky.   “Look,” she whispered.  I looked up into the sky and was greeted by the brightest moon that I think I might have seen in my entire existence.  It was definitely one of those “magic” moments where the world set the stage.  We were players in a wild love scene with the world as our backdrop. 


    She looked up at the moon and then looked back down at me.  Her eyes met my own and we were locked there in a gaze, neither of us able to look away.  In that instant, I could see the purity of her soul.  I could feel the pains and the joys of her life rushing through me like a river.  It was at the moment that I truly knew her and I know the proverbial saying is “love at first sight,” but with the two of us, that’s truly what it was.   As we gazed at each other, she leaned closely into me, her bright brown eyes never faltering.  I could feel her breath on my cheek.  I lifted my head gently and slightly.  Our lips met as she pressed hers into mine.  


    My body was swimming with emotion.  I could barely contain myself.  I wanted to move so quickly.  I wanted to be inside of her, to fill her with the passion that she deserved, but I realized that I had to take it slow.  I had to be careful with her.  She was delicate as a flower and I wanted her to know that I truly cared about her.  I loved her immensely.  I know I had just met her, but I experienced her entire life in a flash and I knew that she was the one I was searching for, somebody who would completely understand my position. 


    As we kissed passionately in the moonlight, she reached down to the bottom of my shirt, pulling it up over my head.  She put her hands on either one of my shoulders, pinning me to the ground.  She began kissing my neck as she ran her hands through my hair.  She was moaning softly as she began grinding her body tightly against mine.  She moved from my neck to my bare chest, kissing me the whole way down to my stomach.  When she reached my waistline she looked up at me, smiling.  As she looked at me her hands left my body and she reached down to undo my pants, pulling them completely off.  


    I laid there in the grass with nothing but my underwear on.  My hands were behind my back as I propped myself upon the Earth.  She stood up and slipped the straps of her dress down over her shoulders.  The whole ensemble fell to the ground in one sweeping motion.  She wriggled out of her dress.  She stood in the night, bare-breasted in her panties.  She moved closer to me and I ran my hands up the back of her legs, gently tugging on her cotton briefs.  I pulled them down to her ankles, bringing my hands back up to her bare buttocks.  This was the first time I had ever seen another woman nude.  It filled my body with this tingling sensation that ran through me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.  


    I sat up straight and with my hands on her buttocks, I pulled her body into me.  Her body was a meal prepared for by God and I intended to eat.  I ran my tongue up and down her fleshy peach.  I began to slowly caress her skin with my tongue, lapping as a cat laps milk.  Her breath became short and labored and her body contorted,  I used my tongue to part her lips, I drove deeper into her velvety cavern of love.  


    Her body began to quiver gently and I pulled her body tighter to my face.  I plunged into her ocean only coming up when I absolutely needed a breath.  Her taste was intoxicating and I allowed it to drive me wild.  I had never experienced such a connection before.  I wanted to fill her with passion and carnal pleasure in the worst kind of way.  Her essence set a fire in my soul that consumed me with desire.  Her body began to shake as she called out into the night, letting the forest know of her pleasure.


    As I felt her release, I came up from her depths and allowed her to catch her breath.  I came up to my knees, tracing her body with my tongue the entire way.  I stopped only to pay attention to her navel.  Then, I made my way up to her breasts… two mountains begging to be climbed, so I obliged.  I stopped to take care of her nipples, suckling gently as she began to vocally assure me that I was doing it right.  In one smooth and sweeping motion, I had her on the ground.  I pressed my body into hers and as I did she reached down to pull off my underwear.


    She grabbed me by my shoulders, spinning me around.  I allowed this, but she was pretty nimble herself.  She reached down with her hands and began exploring my erogenous area.  Her hands cupped my girthy manhood.  She ran her fingers from base to tip as I let out a sigh of pleasure.  As she mounted my body, I could feel my flesh piercing her.  I was enveloped by her smoothness.  As she began rocking back and forth I could feel her sliding up and down the length of my shaft.  It was a tight fit like a hand in a new glove.  


    Once again, she called out into the night, her message filled with pleasure.  Her breath became shallow, turning into rhythmic pants.  Her pelvis gyrated and I could feel our flesh slapping together with each up and down motion.  It was a rodeo and she wasn’t falling off the horse.  Of course, I couldn’t allow her to have all the fun, so when she was least expecting it, I placed my hands on the small of her back, flipping her over gently, never leaving from within her.  I pressed my groin deep into her and she resounded with a quivering squeal of desire.  She reached her hands around me, grabbing onto my back, pulling me deeper into her.


    I began thrusting and as I did I looked deep into her eyes.  She looked back at me.  As my hair began to fall down into my face, she reached up to pull it back so she could see into my eyes.  I lowered my head to kiss her and she wrapped her hands around my neck.  Our bodies met in perfect synchrony, as we both began to moan in a chorus of ecstasy.  My thrusts became longer and deeper.  I could feel the gentle bumping of our skin as it crashed together like waves on a beach.  The feeling of being in her became more and more intense as my manhood began to throb.  I could tell that she was feeling the same, because her muscles began to clench, putting my “guy” in a fleshy chokehold.  Still, I wasn’t giving up.  I continued to push through.  


    As we both neared climax, the moans turned into yells.  If anybody was near us, they for sure knew what was happening.  At this point, nothing mattered.  At this point, I was a soldier on a mission.  I looked down and could see little beads of sweat in her hair.  They glistened in the moonlight.  The sensation in my nerve endings began to become extremely intense until I could no longer take it.  From deep within my loin, a feeling of sheer joy broke forth.  It came bursting forward like a volcano that had just begun to erupt.  I could feel the orgasmic ecstasy rush through my entire body.  My senses had been heightened since I was brought back.  I could feel the orgasm through my entire body.  I began to tremble and so did she.  Her fingernails dug into my back, as she began to cry out in delight.  As we both blissfully burst our souls were raptured from our bodies.  


    I met her soul on the astral plane, as we meshed together.  It was the first time either one of us had experienced anything like it.  For me, I could see into her soul, but not just her soul as it existed this time.  I could see her lifecycles, right down to her origins.  I knew the power that dwelled within her.  At one point she was a temple magus and at another point, she was the queen.  Her soul knew many lifetimes with many forms of wisdom attached to those lifetimes.  


    For me, this was a reckoning of power.  As I existed on the astral plane, I was able to look down at my own existence.  This was my existence as a vampire.  Suddenly everything came rushing back to me.  For the first time in a long time, I realized the full extent of my power.  The power that I had been bequeathed was ancient.  It was a living power within the dead that allowed them to become revived.  With this power came many abilities.  I had begun to manifest gifts by this point, which I took notice of, but until I actually once again saw myself for what I was, I had the scope or epicness of what my powers really had to offer.  It took me to be reunited with my primordial form to remind me that I had come from a line of greatness.  That is who I was.  


    As we both came back into our bodies and we rescinded from our climax together, we took a few moments to catch our breath.  Stevie laid her head on my bare chest as she sighed.  I wrapped my arms around her.  Neither one of us said anything.  For us this moment was perfection. 


    We laid there for hours.  She fell asleep while I simply admired her beauty.  Eventually, she woke up and lifted her head to smile at me.  At this point, she knew what she had experienced, so curiosity got the better of her.  Naturally, she wanted to know what it was that she had just gone through.  


    “Hey, there,” she said looking up at me.  


    “Good Morning.  I thought you were going to sleep forever.” I replied, laughing. 


    “Well, after what just happened I’m surprised I didn’t sleep for a lifetime,” she replied.  “By the way, Finn… what was that?”  


    “You know, I’d be lying if I told you that I knew entirely.  It’s just something that kind of happened.  I mean, it only happened with you.  It hasn’t happened before.  You’re the first.”, I responded. 


    “It was just… I don’t know, it was amazing, but it was strange,” she went on.  


    “Yeah, I don’t know.  Look, Stevie… I’m not like other guys.  I’m not even like other people.  You should know that” I began.  


    “That’s okay.  I like different things,” she quipped as she reached up to kiss me.


    “No.  No, Stevie.  That’s not what I mean.  I died once.  Then, I was brought back to life.  I had an entirely different life during the Civil War,” I explained.  


    “Right, the Civil War... “ she trailed off.  “Look, I’m not a child.  If all you wanted was a one-night stand, you can just say so.  I’m not a prude, you know.”


    “No, it’s not that.  It’s not that at all.  It’s just that I need you to know that I’m different.  I’m immortal.  I will never age.  Honestly, I don’t even know why I was chosen.  I had forgotten... But last night, with you, for the f11 First time in 100 years I could see myself clearly.  For the first time in a century, I knew what I was without uncertainty.  You did that for me and now I need you to know that I’m not like other people.  How else do you explain what you felt last night, what you saw?  There’s no other explanation.”  


    “So, what ARE you then?  A zombie?” she asked, making a face.  She held out her arms and groaned as a zombie would.  We both laughed.  This was the first time the seriousness of my situation hit home.  It was the first time that I said the words out loud.  


    “No,” I responded.  “I’m a vampire.”                     


    As the sun rose in the distance she looked into my eyes, a bit perplexed but mostly intrigued.  She was naturally fascinated.  You could tell that she was just the type of person who was inquisitive about all things.  She thought about it for a second and then began asking questions.  


    “But you don’t drink blood?  How does that work?” she inquired.  


    “I”m not really sure.  It has something to do with some sort of energy from the universe.  When I was out of my body I could see others like me.  They are on Earth and they are connected to this… like… system.”  


    “What kind of system?”  


    “I’m not exactly sure, but it’s some kind of knowledge.  Ancient Knowledge.  That’s all I know.  It’s magic and knowledge.  I’ll have to figure it out, I guess.  But there’s something else I’ve got to tell you.”




    “I didn’t just see me.  In the past, you were also some sort of magical influence.  You were some sort of magus or witch.  Like, not in a bad way.  You were more like a sage… A lightworker!”  


    “Oooohh,” she said as she held up her hands and pretended to cast a spell on me.  I chuckled and then she rested her head on my chest once again.  “Don’t worry, Finn.  We’ll figure it out.   We’ll figure it out together, okay?”  


    Eventually, we had to leave our sacred space.  I returned to Butch the following day.  By this point, I had decided that I was going to stay with Stevie.  I know that after only one night you would think that it was a simple infatuation, but there was nothing my soul craved other than her presence.  The touch of her skin was my drug.  I knew Butch probably wasn’t going to be happy about it, but it had been a year already.  He was getting older and I wasn’t.  He would eventually outgrow life and I would remain… alone… again.  I didn’t want that.  I approached him with the news.  


    “Well, kid.  You sure this is what you wanna do?”  Butch asked.  


    “Yeah, I think so.  I mean, she makes me feel alive.  I haven’t felt this alive since…” I trailed off.  


    “The 1800s?” Butch asked shaking his head.  “You know kid, you’ve always been a mystery to me.  I don’t understand where you come up with these stories and I don’t have to.  The only thing that’s important in this life is that you do what makes you happy.  It was a good ride, kid.  I’ll miss your company.’


    “Thanks.   For everything.  For helping.  For teaching me.  Everything.” I stammered.  A warm sensation welled up in my face.  It felt like I was going to cry, only I couldn’t.  


    “Yeah, kid, sure.  Hey, I uh… I got you something.  I knew this day was gonna come… and well, you kinda remind me of what my son would’ve been like.  You know, my wife was kinda mysterious, too.  Consider it a farewell gift… until we meet again.  Take care of yourself, Finn.”  


    Butch tossed me a thermos.  I looked down at it as his truck pulled away.  What was I going to do with a thermos?  It was a nice thermos, but I didn’t really need it.  I opened it up and that is when I realized he had rolled up about $1,500 in cash, which was a lot back then.  I found myself a 1 bedroom apartment for about $135.00 per month.  Things had changed so drastically, but with Stevie to help me I felt like I could do anything.  I could navigate this world.  


    About a month after I was situated, Stevie came to me and told me that she had wanted to talk to me.  It wasn’t a simple matter either.  It was then that she confessed that she had a boyfriend.  She confessed that at the time she didn’t think I’d be anything but an affair.  However, she had been keeping the life she lived with me a secret.  


    “Why are you only telling me this now? I literally gave up the only person I know to be here… with you.”  I retorted.  


    “Finn, I don’t even want to be with him.  He won’t work.  He is so focused on making a career out of music.  All I do is work.  I slave all day.  He’s being offered $500.00 to do gigs.  Just the other night some steakhouse called him and begged him to play?  You know what he said?  He said that his talent is way too good for playing in a steakhouse. $500.00!  Meanwhile, I’m out here serving people burgers and fries.


    “Do you love him?”  


    “I thought I did,” she replied.  “He’s my ticket to the big time, Finn.  He’s happening.  We were in this band together called Fritz.  We weren’t able to do any of our original songs, but it was amazing.  We opened for people like Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, etc.”  


    “I have no clue who any of those people are, actually.”  I chuckled.  


    “All you have to know is they are stars, Finn.  Not waitresses.  When I was in sixth grade I performed this tap dance.  Everyone loved it.  They cheered for me and it made me feel like I was somebody.  I don’t want to wear a nametag for the rest of my life.  Lindsay knows people.  Lindsay can make that happen.” 


    “Wait, your boyfriend’s name is Lindsay?”  I tried holding back my laughter, but I simply couldn’t.  


    “Yeah, that’s his name.”  Stevie began smiling.  


    “Not the most intimidating name for a man, eh?”  I joked.  I grabbed her by the hand and began kissing her all the way up her arm.  The fireworks happened again.  Once again, we were able to leave our bodies.  This time I was able to take Stevie with me, to show her what I saw when I left my body.  It was an experience I”m sure she’ll never forget.  I know I haven’t.      


    Our sexual escapades happened pretty frequently actually.  As they did I grew in power.  Every time we made love I was able to leave my body.  The time that I was able to leave became longer and longer with each session.  After the course of a few months, I was able to leave my body during sex for about an hour or so.  It was during these hours that I would travel through the astral planes.  At first I had no idea what they were.  They were vast plains of energy that I didn’t know how to navigate.  After a while, though, I was able to link up to a vampiress named Gaia who kind of showed me the ropes.  


    Gaia was also an immortal.  She was the product of a Mayan sacrifice.  Her people didn’t know she had the gift.  She didn’t even know she had the gift until she awoke after having been killed during a blood ritual.  She was just a young girl in appearance-- maybe 13 or 14-- but she had thousands of years on me in terms of experience.  


    Gaia eventually taught me how to leave my body without needing those sexual explosions that I told you about before.  This was nice, because as much as I loved the intimacy with Stevie, she wasn’t always around.  She had quit that band Fritz that she was in because they were dumped from their record labor.  


    She and Lindsay went on to form a new band called Buckingham Nicks.  I’ll be honest, I never did meet Lindsay, but I could tell that I wasn’t going to like him.  He didn’t treat her right.  He abused her, forced her to pose nude on the cover of their album.  Honestly, that’s what they were known for.  Their music was a complete disaster at first. It was a commercial failure.  They sold barely anything.  It was Stevie's beauty that appealed to the masses.  I was supportive, though.  She insisted that he was the key to her success.  I think he had some kind of sadistic hold on her, personally.   


    On the other side of things, I can completely understand how committing your love to somebody claiming to be a vampire could be a bit overwhelming.  Still, I loved her with a devoted passion and I know she loved me equally.  


    While she spent her hours trying to make a name for herself, I grew in power.  Each day Gaia trained me to become stronger and stronger.  Eventually, I didn’t even need a job anymore.  Gaia taught me how to manifest wealth through wealth energies and magic.  She also taught me many other things.  She taught me many different forms of magic.  She taught me how to find magic in the astral planes using my mind.  She taught me how to walk through time.  She took me on astral journeys back to her homeland.  She helped me travel back in time to follow my blood origins.  


    My power grew exponentially in that time.  I went from being a “newborn” to being mature.   Even Gaia said that she was impressed with how I advanced, that she had never met another vampire that learned as quickly as I did and who caught on like I did.  She said that this was most likely because I could trace my blood lineage back to  a group of people who called themselves the Illuminated Ones.  They are an ancient sect of Kemetian wizards who gained their powers from the pyramids.  That coupled with the fact that I now obviously had vampire abilities multiplied and skyrocketed what I was able to accomplish.  


    While we both lived very different types of lives, Stevie and I got on just fine.  We had regular romantic encounters, as she could barely stand to keep her hands off of me.  I’ll admit that sometimes I cheated.  Not on her, I mean sometimes I cheated in making her want me.  I had the power of mesmerization.  I could give her one look and it would send her over the moon with sexual elation.  She loved it.  She hated it.  It was a great time.  All seemed to be going well and then she came to me one afternoon with some news that hit me like a ton of bricks.  


    “Finn, I’m pregnant.”  


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