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First Order of Orion

First Order of Orion

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The ancient and eternal vampire, First of The Order of the Orion, Lord of the Nine Towers, and Leader of the Supreme Council of Firsts. He has lived for generations unknown but retains his endless, ageless, and handsome features. His piercing blue eyes carry the power of seduction and sexual magic. He is rumored to be capable of satisfying dozens of his women at the same time through some ancient telepathic powers. His followers across all ages receive a tremendous gift from him -his physical presence at least once in a millennium for he has an awesome time travel magic that allows him to move back between the past, future, and present. Of course, as the First and True vampire, he doesn’t get affected by the sun in the same way that other vampires do; his skin has long adapted to trapping the sun’s healing rays to generate young cells that keep him ageless forever. But he has one secret -the magical Golden ring. It is known that he appeared to Dracul in a dream and asked him to call upon the magic of the ring when facing any battle. The ring is so powerful that it endows the power to make wealth, good health, and strong physical qualities. Despite the passage of time, the Golden ring remains a true magical artifact that only a few lucky ones can enjoy. There is an aura of peace and calm that the Vampire King Golden Ring brings and that is what he used in leading the Council of Firsts who saw him as the best amongst them. The Vampire King, Lord of the Orion, distilled the liquid gold from his pure energy and mixed his blood to make the blood-red stone on its center. In true fashion to his nature, he continues to stun his followers with surprise blessings, deliverances, and even wealth. The Vampire King Golden Ring is a legendary gift that kings fought to possess and diviners prayed to have. Where it resides, progress is sure, peace is certain, and wealth is never far from.

The First Order of Orion was named after the star the first vampire fell from. This sacred and secret yet still existing club is more than about power. This is about the ancients and what they knew before the existence of what they refer to as the erasure or wipe. The erasure was used to wipe the minds of those who learned magical ability of any kind that was truly productive when used and called upon. This piece isn’t just sex or wealth. This piece is so much deeper than that. In fact I’m shouldn’t have been mentioned as it’s so boring. Unfortunately I have a new person writing up files and that’s what really important and interesting to them. What they needed to do was put all information in which I’m doing now.

This ring is real gold and I believe a size 11. This is an antique ring and well made. I have no idea what the red stone is. My guess is while it was made supernaturally it could be a Ruby? Don’t count on it as I really don’t know. The ring brings with it induction into the First Order of Orion. This isn’t a social thing but a power infusion of information that is the God Genetic Man. This is a vampire that walked among ancients. This means before Adam and after Adam. The Genetic code is what created at some point God. I know this is unusual but it’s not in the sense of the creation but that if his power. That is what this ring brings along with the other things mentioned. This is a very rare ring.

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