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Fly, Valkyrie Fly

Fly, Valkyrie Fly

SKU: 7182111


We don't often delve into Nordic magic the way we should. Yeah, we offer the magic of the rune. Trust me, they're powerful. However, just like Christianity has angels, demons, the behemoth, archangels, and other creatures, the Norse have their own group of magical and powerful creatures. You might be wondering how both tales can be true? The simple answer is that both realities exist on different timelines. These timelines make up existence and we can visit these timelines with magical pieces that we have and bring them back to you.

As I was saying the Norse have many powerful and magical creatures that make up their reality. We have creature a collection of items that have come from the Norse reality and features some of their most powerful entities. If you are reading this and the piece that you want is out of stock, email one of us, and I'm sure we will be able to get you another.

You are probably more familiar with this Scandi entity than ay of the others on this list.  She is called a Valkyrie.  Valkyries are strong, beautiful women who fight with the gods of Valhalla.  They are also the judges who get to determine who is valiant and honorable enough to enter the kingdom of Valhalla.  

When you own this piece you will get a personal Valkyrie.  You will leave your body in astral form and your Valkyrie will fly you Valhalla where you will have access to gods such as Thor, Odin, Freya and others.  You will be able to gain their magic and bring it back to the Earthen Realm.  
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