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For Jewish People & Friends Of Them Only!

For Jewish People & Friends Of Them Only!

SKU: 682402


This is a very rare and large rock crystal. This is not your normal clear quartz by any means. This was made in Israel and holds extreme protection, clarity and accuracy in psychic visions. That is what it was made for. Thus was made to be used by those who are Jewish and those who are friends of Jewish people. A person who hates the Jewish people should not buy this piece, unless you want done extremely bad luck or worse depending on your actions towards the Jewish people. I’m hoping to get more and send them to the squad! It’s unbelievable how these three twat waffle, brain shelved individuals are in our congress! I knew they were in congress but I wanted to make sure so I looked up. Wow, just wow! There was no mention of their hatred for the Jewish people at all! And you wonder why protesters of Jews are so damn dumb! It said they were warriors of social justice!!! What the serious F!!! This is why books are way better than the internet! This of course comes from google! I usually don’t use them but it was a quick question so, whatever. All proceeds from this sale will go to buying more from the man who makes them. Tomer gets them for me. I will buy 4 more to send to them as gifts. Lovely, right? This is pure sterling and coated multiple times in gold. This is NOT a regular crystal clear quartz. Please look up the difference. There used to be a HUGE difference in price and clarity! This is a big one! This is no little chip. The benefits to you will be great in the times ahead. The psych visions will be as clear as this crystal and will guide you in extremely important decisions we will all have to make one day very soon. This crystal is crystal clear. The brown you are seeing is it being laid on my brown coffee table.

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