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Forged From Saint Michael's Breast Plate

Forged From Saint Michael's Breast Plate

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This piece has quite a storied history.  To begin with, it is a full ounce of fine sterling silver.  I don't have to waste my time recanting the tale about Michael booted Lucifer out of Heaven after the rebellion.  You all know that story.  What you do not know is that after acquiring the knowledge of the Enochian alphabet, John Dee and Edward Kelley used the language to open a divine portal.  Keep in mind that Enochian is the language of God and can be used to create anything. This is what they chose to create.  What they were after was a jewel from Satan's crown.  The queen wanted it.  What they ended up with was not a jewel.

Instead, they ended up with silver from Saint Michael's breastplate.  As the battle raged on, the pair stood there, awaiting the moment that Satan fell.  As he plummeted so did his angels and so did his crown.  Before the falling, Lucifer took a swipe at Michale with a sword made of flames.  He didn't injure the angel, but he managed to cut a chunk of the silver off of his breastplate.  This is the silver that was taken by John Dee and Edward Kelley.  It was presented to the queen and while it wasn't exactly what she had asked for, she was pleased with what they had to present.  

Subsequently, the piece was melted down to make a cuff bracelet for Queen Elizabeth.  The piece was held in a place known as the Royal Quarters, which was a room where Queen Elizabeth preferred to do her magic.  Obviously, they couldn't call it that, because magic was still iffy at this point.  In fact, some looked down upon it, but the magic in the Royal Quarters was in full swing.  The Queen's cufflink was used time and time again, as it allowed her to transpose her soul.  During the transposition she was able to fully become the Archangel Michael.  she was able to fully manifest herself as the Archange, which allowed her to hold dual existence.  For while she was Queen Elizabeth on Earth, she also existed as the angel in Heaven.  

This transposition allowed her to become the right hand of God.  She was given all the knowledge of the Archangel Michael.  She was given his white light magic abilities.  She was given a special link to God.  This was a mind link that revealed the divine consciousness of God to her.  She was able to see the universe in a new light, to understand the sacred numerology and divine geometry that has gone into the sequencing of reality.  It allowed her to create her own reality, where she controlled what she experienced and not the other way around.  It gave her divine protection.  It gave her the ability to control all other entities and to rule over not just her human subjects, but angels and all other heavenly host.  She ruled over all living and semi-living creatures on Earth, able to make them bend to her will simply by stating it.  

She enjoyed using this piece until it was eventually stolen from the Royal Quarters.  Long story short, it was stolen and the silver was melted down.  The silver was used to make a coin that was owned by a secret society who was the head of the operation to confiscate the piece from the queen.  They had the piece and used it for some time.  We are not really even sure what the name of the fraternity is that had the coin created.  It depicts the Archangel Saint Michael stabbing Satan during their epic battle. What we know is that this piece was acquired by a divine sorcerer who had the coin then made into a ring that he could wear.  The ring is a size 11.  Again the piece is a full ounce of fine silver.

The ring gives you all the abilities that we mentioned above.  You'll be able to become Saint Michael.  His knowledge and all of his magic will become your own.  You will be given a connection to God through which you will know the living universe. You will see the numerical and geometrical codes that were used to create it all.  This will allow you to exist outside of creation.  You will be able to create what you want to exist.  You will be able to create miracles.  You will know the mind of God.  You will be able to make living creatures and angels bend to your will (as long as it is white light).  You will gain all of God's subliminal knowledge and his subconscious secrets, which are the secrets of the universe.  This includes his 72 and all of his hidden powers, energies, and magic.  Again, this is all facilitated through a special connection you will gain through becoming Michael, who has since taken Lucifer's place as second in command.  

This is an extremely powerful piece.  You do not want to pass this piece up.  If you are looking for something white light, religious, and powerful, this is the one!
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