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Fortune 500:. See No Poverty, Hear No Poverty, Speak No Poverty.

Fortune 500:. See No Poverty, Hear No Poverty, Speak No Poverty.

SKU: 22521060

We now have several options for you to pay for your items.  You can via PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, or Zelle.  You can pay through PayPal by making payments payable to  You can also use credit cards through PayPal.  You can set up a CashApp and search for the username HauntedCuriosities.  You can search for Haunted Curiosities on Venmo.  Finally, you can use Zelle through your bank via searching for the email address  

We also accept cash payments through the mail at your own risk.  We recommend getting cash sent with verified tracking.  We have had some people opt to do this in the past and everything turned out okay.  They got their items, but we have to let you know that if you send cash, you do so at our own risk.  Also, the amount you can send via Zelle is controlled by your bank, so you will have to check with them.  


This listing is for a set of cufflinks and a tie clip.

We call this set Fortune 500 because it holds wealth magic that is specifically tailored to the business.  The set was originally created for an oil sheik who evidently didn't make enough money off of controlling the production of oil.  He sought out a very powerful and ancient djinn.  He petitioned the djinn to make him these cufflinks, which are ones that he picked out himself to be made.  His philosophy behind the monkeys is that with these cufflinks, whoever owns the cufflink will, "hear no poverty, see no poverty, speak no poverty."  That's because the set will grant all the wealth that you want.  

Specifically, this piece will grant you wealth in business.  if will grant you the ability to grow your own business.  It will win you business contracts.  It will allow you to make smart business deals.  It will drive traffic to your business.  It will keep your business safe.  Anything important to your business, anything that will allow your business to thrive at its full potential.  It doesn't matter what kind of business it is.  This piece will adjust to fit you and your unique needs.  This way, you will on your way to establishing and maintaining a business that will experience wild success!  It will help you build in any way you want!
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