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Fossilized Dreams

Fossilized Dreams

SKU: 12621104


Layaways are now available.  You will need to put 20% down.  You need to pay at least monthly.  You have six months to pay it off.  You need to email to set up your layaway with a link for what you want.  Your item will not be removed until you put your 20% down.  There are NO REFUNDS on layaways.  Know this BEFORE putting it on!  If for some reason you cannot finish paying your layaway, whatever you have paid toward your layaway will be converted to store credit.

All $38.00 pieces from all websites are items that can be replaced. If you are seeing an item, but it is out of stock you can simply email and request a duplicate. Likewise, you may not always be receiving what the picture shows. The piece will always hold the exact same powers, though, so you don't have to worry about that. If emailing for a replacement piece, please be sure to specify what type of jewelry you like and we will try our best to get you that. Again, when you purchase a $38.00 item, you may not always get what you see pictured, but it will always hold the same power. These are Carnival of Caveness, $38.00 items.

We received this piece from one of the underground auctions that we attend throughout the year.  If you are into time-traveling, but you are afraid of physically traveling somewhere or even astrally traveling, then this piece is definitely for you.  It is a real stone pendant that contains fossils.  We aren't 100% sure, but we think the clasp is sterling silver.  

More importantly, the energies of the fossils that are found in this piece preserved in this piece hold the essence of time.  It will allow you to travel back in time either within your mind through meditation or dream at night while you sleep.  The choice is yours and this piece can be used either way or both ways.  

This piece is used strictly for visiting.  You will be able to go to the places that you want to go.  You will be able to experience them in a "fly on the wall" type of scenario.  The possibilities are endless and you will be able to visit and observe any place of your choosing.
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