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Four-Fold Buddha of Immortal Reckoning

Four-Fold Buddha of Immortal Reckoning

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The other night I was using a piece that allowed me to astral travel when I ended up in a place called the Chalice of Life.  The Chalice is not a wine lass in this particular instance.  Rather, it's the name of a Temple through which the Cosmos flows.  Don't ask him where the temple is located, but I can tell you that it is in another dimension entirely.

There were marble pillars and a million steps to walk up.  At the Apex of the stairs was a seat.  It was more like a throne.  Either side of the throne was flanked with two buddhas.  Each Buddha was also carved from marble Each wore its own countenance.  I didn't know what I was experiencing at this point, but these are the Four Buddhas of Transcendence.  They hold the four attributes of immortal reckoning.  

When I got to the top of the steps I sat in the chair.  No sooner did I sit down, than I was restrained to the chair with a stone apparatus that enclosed itself around my wrists.  The four stone buddhas that surrounded the throne stood up and took bodily form.  They were no longer marble, but their eyes glowed a brilliant white color.  Each of the four buddhas circled the chair until one of them finally stopped.  

They spoke in unison.  "We are the four-fold Immortal Buddha, granters of destiny, reckoners of Immortal being.'  Then the first one looked into my eyes.  He is the one who wore the Sad countenance on his face.  In my mind flashed all the things about my life that I did not like.  I saw the things that I was afraid of.  I saw my insecurities.  I saw all the characteristics about myself that I've tried to change to no avail, which I do not like.  

In an instant, the Buddha cleared my life of all the things that I did not like about myself through his reflection of my mind.  At that moment I felt free.  My soul floated and I was not burdened by my cares of this world.  My soul transcended to a different level, a state of nirvana and that is when the next of the four-fold buddha showed up.  

The second face was the angry one, which isn't really angry at all.  It's more of a determined type of angry.  This buddha is absolutely amazing.  In the flash of a few seconds, I was able to see all the dreams and aspirations that I've ever had-- even the ones that forgot about.  I saw all the things that I've ever wanted to do with my life, but couldn't for some reason or another.  Whether it was a money issue or something else about life got in the way, I was able to see all of my hopes and dreams and goals come to me.  

In that same instant I could feel this buddha-- the buddha of perseverance-- remove all the obstacles in my life.  He made all things that I wanted to do possible, so long as I still wanted to do them.  He opened up doors to realms of possibilities and this includes magical possibilities.  In my transcended state of mind, I asked the Buddha for many different types of magic.  He made them possible by transferring the magic into my subconscious that way I could manifest it into reality later.  

Once the details were ironed out with that aspect of the four-fold buddha the next one came.  This is the one with a happy face.  This is the aspect of joy and getting what you want.  This is not the same as achieving success and overcoming obstacles.  I mean, they can intertwine a bit I supposed, but this is more for the things that you want in life that aren't a goal or aspiration.  For example-- money.  I mean, that could be a goal, but this buddha can bring you extreme wealth energy that will manifest money for generations to come.  

Another example would be fame.  The buddha can manufacture fame in whatever form you want it.  Another example would be love.  The Buddha can help you find everlasting love so that way you will always have a companion in life.  Balance and harmony in life is another example.  This piece will allow you to connect with the cosmos and the universe, to manifest their energies and powers in your daily life.  So, this buddha brings about the things in life that aren't really tangible that you want.  

When this buddha, or aspect of the four-fold buddha I should say, was working on me his eyes gazed deep into my soul.  He was able to see everything that I've ever secretly wanted.  He pulled it out of me like a rabbit out of a hat.  Now, I haven't achieved these things as of yet, but just knowing that the buddha held my desires in his hands and assured me that they will come to pass is enough for me to know that every single thing that the Buddha has seen will come true.  

Finally, there is the last Buddha.  This Buddha also looks happy, but he looks more content than anything.  That is because the first three buddhas have already ironed out the details of allowing me to experience total weightlessness and contentedness.  This was necessary because this buddha does two things that will alter the lifecycle.  We don't offer many pieces that do this, so pay attention.  

First, this Buddha also looked straight into my core, but not just the core that exists in this soul.  He gazed deep into my existence and was able to pull out every lifecycle that I had ever lived.  One was a Native American.  Once was an ancient Egyptian Prince.  Once was a poor villager in Peru.  Another was an aboriginal in Australia.  They went on and on.  I was able to experience all that I had ever been while collecting memories and magic from the experiences that I had in past lives.  They all came to the forefront like shattered glass that made up a mirror.  I was able to see the reflection of who I really am and what it all meant.  

Then, the Buddha began to form all my pieces together inside of the soul that I have now.  Thousands of years of lifecycles and knowledge into one soul.  The many become one and I was able to live inside and outside of my own existence. This is when the buddha granted me immortality.  It was with the touch of a hand that the buddha added a bit of himself to me, giving me immortality, with the ability to ascend into the afterlife whenever I choose to do so.  

After I was done with this final experience, I awoke in the office from testing the piece.  The wooden, antique buddha pice was in my lap.  It is about the size of a very large grapefruit, so it's a big relic.  However, to activate it, I had to transfer the energies of my experience back into the buddha piece.  Now, I've already had my transformation, so I wanted to be able to pass this experience on to somebody else.  The experience I had with this piece will be the experience you have, except it will be your own.  It will be in accordance to you who are as a person, where your soul has been, etc.  

This will be one of the most powerful experiences that you have in your lifetime, so I suggest that you get this piece before somebody else does, that way you have the ability to transcend your mind, gain unlimited magic, become immortal, become spiritual lifted, and get connected to the universe, and bring all your lifecycles into one powerful conglomeration of magic and knowledge!
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