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Four Pillars of Divine Ascension

Four Pillars of Divine Ascension

SKU: 7262125


This piece is a vintage Freemason piece that holds Ancient Freemason magic.   This magic is called the Four Pillars of Ascension and it is a ritual process that has been done for centuries.  It provides the initiate the ability to ascend into Heaven in spiritual form.  This isn’t ascension like Jesus or Elijah experienced it, as this i purely a spiritua ascendance.  That doesn’t mean that this isn’t a powerful piece, because it is.  It allows you to explore Heaven and to acquire it’s white light magic. You will  also gain magic fro very powerful white light structures such as the crystal Pyramid the sphinx in Heave, as well as the Ark of the Coevnant.  

Buf first, you need the Four Pillars.  They are:  

1.Divinity-- this will give you god-like boost that will allow you to enter Heaven.  Otherwise you’d be marke as a threat and most like escoreted out.  However, since God has teh potential to live within eac one of us, this innately a gift.  This piece just spruces it up and makes it ore prominent.  

2.  Purity of Soul--  this is what it sounds like.  It provides white light purification so that way you are worthy to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

3.  Elevation of Mind-- This is an elevation and psychic awakening of your mind.  This will give you the esoteric magic needed to project your mind from your body to enter the Kingdom.  

4.  LInk of Consciousnes-- eehis oe is pretty much a bonus, but it is still necessary if you ask me. This gives you the ability to link your consciousness to any entity you meet along the way, so you can upload their magic, knowledge, and abilities.                                                     

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