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Freemason Mafia

Freemason Mafia

SKU: 5262122



This piece is an unmarked sterling silver man's ring.


The first thing that comes to mind when I say the word Mafia probably isn't the Vatican or Freemasonry. In fact, those might be the last two things that you would think of being associate with the Mafia. However, the three are actually very intertwined in such a way that it really begins to make sense that they are all three in cahoots. When you think about it all three entities, in one form or another, have bullied people into doing what they say for centuries. The Mafia is well-known for being an underground, organized crime association, but it is run much like a Masonic Order, where the criminals have to level up after being initiated. They even had business dealings with different lodges of Freemasonry, the most notorious of those being the Knights of Malta. You can look those dealings up. Do you know who else has dealings with the Knights of Malta? That Vatican. Many of the high-level mafia bosses were also high-ranking members of Masonic lodges. It's just how things went in those days. The Mafia wanted to control everything and they did. Having said all that, there was one entity that the Mafia could not control and that was the Church. Most Italians were Roman Catholic and revered the work that the church did. It's funny how that works, they went to church to pray, and then 30 mins later you're sending your goon out to whack somebody. Again, just how it was in those days. Thank God for confession, am I right? One thing the Mafia did have that the church also needed was money. Thus, the Mafia begun began buying pieces off of the Vatican to further propel their magic. As many f these fors fulfilled the requirements of leveling up as a Freemason, many of the Mafia members were also that. They were Masonic members of the church who extorted people for their money. There is no better way to say it than how I've laid it out. this piece was acquired from the granddaughter of a mob leader. We aren't getting into names with this because we promised her that her name would remain anonymous. The piece that we are offering focuses on God's role as the creator of the universe. This is 33rd Level Magic in Freemasonry and hidden archive content in the Vatican. In fact, it was acquired from the Vatican and given to a mob leader who was a high-ranking freemason. This piece calls upon God and his 33rd Name. It allows you to do many things, but above all else, this piece allows you to create. You can create magic. You can create powers. You can create knowledge. You can create whatever it is you want. It even holds the genomes for different types of entities that you can also "create" such as angels, white light griffins, white wolves, and other Heaven Host like those Throne Angels that in the highest realms of Heaven that can literally see throughout the entire universe. This piece puts creation in your hands. I mean, that's a pretty powerful feat when you consider this very same power was used by God when he creates the Universe and all that we experience daily.

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