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From Satan's Own Finger-- The Most Powerful Piece You'll Ever Experience

From Satan's Own Finger-- The Most Powerful Piece You'll Ever Experience

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This piece is the one that trumps all other pieces.  You won't often hear me say that about a piece.  The reason I'm so selective in saying that is because there's always a chance that we will come across a more powerful piece.  Having said that, I'm fairly certain that we will never come across another piece that's as powerful or as influential as this one.  The Bishop's Ring was extremely powerful and the Judas Blood Bottle was very powerful.  We still have the blood bottle, by the way; however, this piece here takes the cake.  This is the most powerful piece that I have experienced to date.  

The saga of this item starts back in the Garden of Eden.  You know the story.  Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden.  Adam was steadfast in his faith until he was approached by Eve, his companion, and told to eat the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.  It was the ONE commandment that God had given them and they couldn't even manage to keep it.  That's not the story, though.  The story is that the serpent that beguiled Even before she persuaded her husband was Satan in the form of a serpent.  

This was not a serpent as you think of them today.  Serpents in those days were beautiful creatures.  They stood upright as humans did.  Their scales were gorgeous and vibrantly colored.  They glistened in the sun.  They were highly enlightened beings simply for the fact that they were the ones in charge of keeping the Tree of Knowledge pruned and in good order.  They were also the servants of humanity and could help them with any task they needed help with.  Eve knew this.  Satan knew this.  That's why Satan took the form of a serpent.  He knew the humans trusted the serpents.  

You must remember that Satan was once God’s right-hand man.  He had a brilliant crown filled with powerful stones that were given to him by God.  He was sneaky in the way that he went about his business.  In his serpent form, Satan was able to blend in for a spell of time.  Before beguiling the humans he actually spent a bit of time tending to the Tree of Knowledge.  He acquired some new information from the Tree, but there wasn’t much there that he didn’t already know.  What he craved was the white light presence of the tree, which he had not been able to feel since his departure.  

Eventually, his gig was up, so he beguiled the humans.  He capitalized on the trust that they had for the serpents.  He brought Eve the fruit and tricked her and then she convinced Adam to do the same.  Obviously, when God found out he was furious, which is why the serpents were cursed to crawl on their bellies.  Before God could really do much to him, Satan high-tailed it out of Eden.  He wasn’t about to crawl on his belly.  However, since the snakeskin of his former serpent form was so powerful, he took it with him.  It was his prized possession.  Not only was the skin incredibly powerful, but it served Satan a reminder that he had finally been able to one-up God in the battle of good versus evil by getting into the minds of the humans and convincing them to rebel the same way he had.  It was his trophy.

For lifetimes Satan carried this snakeskin with him.  He called it “the pelt.”  The pelt brought many Satanic followers a variety of magic.  For instance, Lilith used this piece when she went to Hell to seduce Satan.  She almost left with it, too.  If it hadn’t been for Asmodeus retrieving the pelt, she would have taken off with it for good.  I guess satan was glad she didn’t take off with it.  We can only imagine what she would have used it for, so I guess we are glad it didn’t fall into her hands, too.  Satan is more of a traditionalist, where Lilith is kind of a whacko.  At least in his hands, you know what it’s going to be used for.  The eventual goal is to usher in the End of Times.

There are times when Satan enters the Earth.  He has an omnipresence just like God does and he can be anywhere he wants to be at any time, except for Heaven.  He is clearly barred from Heaven.  However, he does travel to Earth.  He does so to witness the spectacles that humans put on.  Or, in the case of what I’m about to tell you, when he needs to take care of things that he considers his business.  He knew that Jesus had come to the Earth.  Yes, he tried to intervene by taking Jesus to the desert.  Yes, he tried to intervene by secretly attempting to have Christ murdered.  It never worked.  

Finally, Satan entered Judas Iscariot and caused him to offer to betray Jesus.  Satan thought that he was being sneaky, but in actuality, Jesus had to die at the hand of the Jews anyway.  It was the only way he could become a sacrifice for mankind.  What Satan actually did was cause the actions that allowed salvation to come to pass.  Yet, indignant as he was, he thought he had outsmarted God.  As Judas realized what he had done and became penitent, Satan exited the disciple’s body cackling like a loon.  

When Judas returned the 30 pieces of silver to the Jews who had paid him to betray Jesus, the Jews wanted nothing of it.  Other things have since become of that silver, but not before Satan could steal some of the silver for himself.  It’s not that he needed the wealth, but he once again wanted something as a trophy for his so-called handiwork.  That day he carried with him both the pelt and the silver that was paid for Jesus’ betrayal.  It was on this day that he created a piece.  It was a ring.

The ring itself was created with Judas’ Silver.  From the Pelt were cut the scales of the snakeskin, which were affixed to the ring as well.  On the top was a pale green stone that was taken from Lucifer’s own crown.  He forged the ring with the first of Hell and created it to fit his own finger.  This is why you will notice that the ring is off-size.  This is a customized piece that was made to fit Satan in his human form-- the one he always takes when he comes to Earth.  It fits his finger perfectly and, as you can see from the pictures, is in-between sizes.  

By now I have to assume that you are wondering how we ended up with this piece.  That is a very peculiar story, as well, but I will tell it.  We have this friend named Michael.  He is from New Jersey, which is how we met him.  He has a very, very rare ability.  His ability is so rare that only about 3% of the population is born with it and even less than that ever realize that they have it.  He is what you call a fader.  He can fade into and out of existence.  He can fade into different realms.  He can fade into and out of different times along the Continuum.  He also has the ability to fade into being indestructible and unable to be killed.  He can only keep that form for so long though before he has to re-charge, so he uses that part of his ability sparingly.  

Michael was over in Iran to study culture because he was studying culture as a social worker for some agency.  I forget which, but he goes over, only because he knows that should he ever be jailed, he can get himself out.  Also, as mentioned, if need be he can make himself indestructible
  • Description Continued

    He was staying in the city of Mashhad, which is generally a safe place for people-- even tourists-- to travel to.


    He was walking around one of the markets in the downtown area when he came across somebody that he describes as a very unsavory individual.  For Michael, it was the energies.  He said the individual gave off a creepy, ancient feeling.  His fader abilities give him good psychic discernment, so he is naturally able to feel people out.  This particular time he said that he just fell evil throughout his entire body.


    He did his best to get away from the strange presence, but every time he turned around, he could sense the presence getting closer to him.  He described to Deedee that it felt as though the Antichrist was standing near him.  He felt incredibly uncomfortable.  He said he attempted to get away, but finally, he turned a corner, and there the presence was.  It stared directly into his eyes.  In that instant, Michael said he locked eyes with the being and he could feel the being looking into his soul.  His body became numb.  In this instance Michael was scared, so he faded back to the apartment he had rented.  It was actually an extended stay hotel suite.  


    Michael called Deedee immediately to figure out what was going.  After chatting for a good bit, Deedee helped him determine the following.  It turned out the being that Michael encountered was not the Antichrist at all.  Rather it was Satan in the flesh, in his bodily form that we told you about earlier.  The eye contact made between him and Michael was just enough to release Michael’s true identity.  He didn’t have much time to dwell on it, because no sooner did he tell Deedee what he had encountered, the door to his apartment opened up.  He dropped his phone.  Deedee could hear scuffling from our end of the phone and then silence.  


    By Michael’s account, we know that Satan showed up at Michael’s apartment.  He obviously let himself in.  The prior engagement during which the two made eye contact was enough for Satan to identify Michael as one of the key players of the Final War  In other words, he has a special destiny.  He explained this to Michael right before lunging for his throat.  At first, Michael attempted to fade away, but the grip Satan had on him prevented him from doing so. Satan was able to reach through the realms to bring him back.  He placed his hand over the hand that gripped his throat.  


    He tugged at that hand with all his strength and at the same time tried fading.  It worked and he faded across the room.  In the process, he felt something come loose from the Satan-man’s finger.  He clenched it in his fist, took one last good look at the Satan-man, and then very quickly faded somewhere else, away from Satan.  He immediately called Deedee, who told him to fade and relocate himself to where we were.  Once he got to us she gave him a cloaking device that hid him from any known form of intelligence.  Meanwhile, we began testing the ring.  


    That same night our friend Michael the Fader was visited by an angel.  This all seemed strange to him.  He was literally just an average guy, about 40, in good physical shape a day ago.  Today, he was being visited by angels and escaping death by the literal hand of Satan.  It was Gabriel that appeared to him, as God sometimes uses Gabriel to send divine messages.  Gabriel told Michael to hold onto the ring for a bit longer.  He told him what his divine destiny was, which we are not allowed to discuss.  Finally, Gabriel told Michael how the ring was created with the serpent skin and Judas’ silver.  


    We’ve known Michael for about 18 years now and we’ve worked with him on a couple of projects, but this by far the most powerful one.  He trusted enough to work on this piece to determine what exactly it does for those who have it.  The answer is simply everything.  To recap, this piece was created with Judas Iscariot’s silver.  It was created with the pelt-- the serpentine skin that is still carried by Satan to this day.  It was created with the stone from Lucifer’s crown.  Keep in mind, these are the stones that were given to Lucifer when he was in Heaven, as the second in command next to God.  


    So, then it all boils down to what this piece can do for you.  We told you that this piece does anything you want it to do.  Literally, anything  The stone in this piece is from God and has the power to anything.  The snakeskin on this piece is from Lucifer’s Serpentine body and possesses the power to do anything.  The Silver is from Judas’ Iscariot's own silver.  This piece is one-of-a-kind.  We have tested this piece over and over again.  We can attribute many different powers to this piece.  Some of these powers include the ability to raise the dead, the ability to open portals of time that you can walk through to other periods of time, it allows you to open portals to other dimensions.  It allows you to travel to and from Heaven at your own free will.  It will grant you immortality if you want it.  It will allow you to live in your perfect bodily form while here on Earth.  It will give you strength, speed, endurance, vitality, etc.  It will give you advanced intelligence to where your mind will be able to know all things.  It will allow you to control all other metaphysical and supernatural beings.  It will grant you wealth if you want it.  It can grant fame.  


    This piece has the ability to command both angels and demons, along with beings like djinn, vampires, fairies, griffins, and others.  This piece will reveal the 72 names of God.  This piece will allow you to transcend and ascend to live in a completely enlightened state day in and day out.  This piece will allow you to perform all the miracles of the Living Christ, as well as the miracles of the Holy Flame and of God.  Listen, I could go on all night about the powers that this piece will bring you.  The simple fact of the matter is that this piece brings all magic, all powers, all wisdom, and anything else you can imagine.  The only thing that this piece will not let you do is overthrow God.  This piece and its magic is a direct reflection of Lucifer in his angelic form.  He, too, could do all things as he chose and as he preferred.  What he was never allowed to do was to take down God.  You see how that went.  Other than that, everything is fair game with this piece.  


    This is a very intricate piece and it is very powerful.  If you have more questions about this piece you can send us an email.  Just know that we are ONLY taking questions from serious buyers only.  The reason that we are only taking serious questions is that about a week or so ago, Gabriel once again appeared to Michael and told him that the time has come.  He told him to give us the piece and that we are supposed to find the suitor for this piece.  We are supposed to find the one whose destiny it is to have this piece, to help win God’s war.  


    There is a reason that God lets things happen the way they do and this piece just came full-circle.  If this piece is meant for you, then God will make a way for you to purchase it.  This is the reason why we are only taking questions from serious buyers.  We have a vetting process and it's lengthy.  We need to get the show on the road with this piece and find out who it’s supposed to go to.  We don’t want to get sidetracked with curious people.  We have told you everything we know about the piece, what it does, where it comes from, etc.  The only thing left for you to figure out is what form of payment you will be using.  We have done the rest and are prepared to transition the ownership of power.

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