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From the Death of the Old Comes the Birth of the New

From the Death of the Old Comes the Birth of the New

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This is one of my favorite pieces that we have listed for a while and it isn't even an expensive one.  For those of you who have been with us for a while, you will know that the Ouroboros is the Egyptian serpent that eats its own tail.  It has become somewhat of a divinity and it signifies the essence of lifecycles, as in from the death of the old comes the birth of the new. This piece holds the essence of the Ouroboros.  This piece is a sterling silver pendant with a beautiful stone.

This piece is interesting because it will work two different ways for you.  First, this piece will allow you to realize and recognize your own life cycles.  This means you will be able to see back into your existence as far as your very first form of existence.  You will get to experience each subsequent existence until you catch up to the existence you currently reside in.  Consider it like catching up on "old seasons" of your existence.  

This will bring your mind into a place of oneness.  Where there used to be doubt and unknown, your entire existence will now exist in a known loop, which will open up different avenues of existence for you.  You will experience a surge in life energy and most likely you will gain powers and abilities that have always belonged to you, but you wouldn't have known it simply because your lifecycles haven't been revealed until now.

Thi piece will also allow you to see into the past lifecycles of others.  Granted, this is not going to allow them to experience the kind of awakening you have experience, but you will be able to see into their past lifecycles and regress them simply by laying a hand on them.  It has to be skin-to-skin contact in order for the magic to work, but you will be able to travel through the mind of the other to see the places they have traveled in their lives.  You can convey this information.  You can even help them see it. Unfortunately, once you take your hand away, their visions will go away as well.  
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