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From the Depths of the Abyss

From the Depths of the Abyss

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This piece is unique with a real stone.  The metal part looks almost like it's forming something, but nothing is there.  It's a visual metaphor for the fact that the powers in this piece rise out the abyss.  Read on to learn more about the power

Lake Baikal is Russian holds the title for being the longest, deepest, and oldest lake on our planet.  It is approximately a mile deep, which means it is about half as deep as the average depth of the ocean.  If you think that such a grandiose body of water goes without its secrets, then you’d be thinking wrong.  We have pulled all kinds of magic out of the ocean-- mermaids, sirens, wealth pieces, and all sorts of other items.  However, what we have extracted from the Russian lake rivals any form of magic that we’ve pulled out of the ocean, ever.  

In the icy depths of Lake Baikal there lies a shadowy anomaly.  The Russian government knows about it, but of course, it is not publicly acknowledged.  The Russians want to use the anomaly for themselves to advance their own magic.  I guess they’re still trying to take over the world.  I couldn’t really tell you.  All I know is that they know about it and they haven’t shared, which is kind of greedy.  

As I’m sure most of you already knew, we have Russian connections, so we are also in on the action.  Sorry, Vlad.  At the bottom of the lake, there are two points of interest that we should bring up.  The first of these is black-hole-like energy that is nestled among the sediment and lake bed.  We have no idea where it leads to if we’re being honest.  The energy isn’t exactly a black hole, because if it was our Earth would probably cave in on itself.  It’s more like a wormhole.  Still, we weren’t taking our chances with it.  

The second thing that is at the body of the lake, fueled by the dark abyss that lives on the lake’s bottom is archaic lifeforms; and I don’t just mean a few.  These things are clinging to the bottom of the lake as bats cling to the ceiling of a cave.  They are down there and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon-- at least not of their own free will.  

So now it’s time for a history lesson.  Remember when I told you that before the world was formed, it was shapeless water.  God used his energy and shaped the water.  In the water, there were primordial lifeforms dating back to God-knows-when. (See what I did there?)  But, seriously, only God really knows when and only God really knows what they are.  The fact is that they can be evolved.  They can take the form of anything-- entities, matter, energy, they can be the starting point for new realms, another world of beings, something divine, knowledge in its purest form, etc. 

These are the same primordial lifeforms that were in the water when God parted the waters with the lands.  We thought they were all gone, but evidently, Lake Baikal is rife with the little suckers.  Again, the Russians know this and have been tapping into the ability to become-- well, anything-- in order to create different forms of magic, to create different forms of knowledge, even to create humanoid beings who go along with everything the Russian government says, regardless of tyrannical they may seem at times.  The Russians have really capitalized on these energetic, transformational, lifeforms.  And honestly, it’s not like there is any shortage of them.  The anomaly keeps on feeding the late with energies and new members to the family just pops right up out of nowhere.  It is a primordial utopia down there.  

Well, it’s time the Russians share.  Look, we don’t dislike the Russians.  In fact, Deedee loves them.  That doesn't change the fact that they have a monopoly on these amazing powers that come from Lake Baikal.  We wanted in on the action and this is the piece we have to offer.  This piece holds energies that are linked to the anomaly at the bottom of Lake B.  In the same fashion that the anomaly bears these primordial, energetic lifeforms into the lake, it will also bear these lifeforms for you, but only when you want or need them.  You can allow one to come through at a time, or you can allow five to come through at a time.  Just remember they will cling your life energy like a kindergartener clings to its mother’s leg on its first day of school.  That is until you assign a duty to them.  

When you call these lifeforms forth, you will be able to communicate with them psychically.  You will be able to instruct them on what is expected of them and they will have no problem following through.  And you don’t have to worry about anything being complicated, because these lifeforms just get it.  There’s no explaining needed, there are no rituals.  You simply connect with them and tell them what to do.  Then, they do it.  They become.  Then, when you have achieved what you wanted to achieve, you can allow more thought to move onto different things.  

Again, please remember that these lifeforms can become anything you want-- an entity, a magical power, an ability, a powerful relic, a change of destiny, or a really neat flower vase if you have a need for one of those.  Look, you get the picture.  It’s pretty much up in the air and you are definitely in control.  The only thing left to do is create.
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