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Full Update. Check additional info.

Full Update. Check additional info.

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I’m not sure whether any of you know or may have heard but there was a lot of gossip floating around the underground about the discovery of something big not to long ago. Around that time, Area 51 had been a little quiet up until very recently and the fair majority of the rumors revolved around something called C-Prime. We heard so many variations of one story - you probably couldn't even imagine. Some people were saying the aliens were finally going to reveal themselves, others were saying that the aliens were going to take over and some were talking about newly fabricated conspiracies. It was honestly a huge mess!

All that aside, this item was rather easy to find but difficult to get. We don't really keep tabs on Majestic 12, especially after they had gone dormant a few years back. Much of what they've done within the last few years has been pretty minimal and we're not too sure why. There was also a point in time where they seemed to be completely off the grid and word was getting around that they had just disappeared. Some people who had never interacted with them whatsoever thought that they had never existed at all. They did, still do and we've recently figured out why it seems like they're completely dead as far as a society.

They're not necessarily doing anything influential, they're just waiting it out. C-Prime is an operation entirely dependent on alien movement and activity. Around this time last year there was a very bizarre shaped slab found - it was reminiscent of a rhombus - and the markings on it are obviously alien glyphs, similar to the patterns of ones found in crop circles, alien metal, alien weaponry - it's irrevocably theirs. Anyway, this slab is situated - even as you read this - in the hands of Area 51. The reason Majestic 12's name is getting thrown around is because they are in direct communication with them over it - they want it. It has left a number of people wondering. Especially with Majestic 12 being so dormant, why did this particular slab have them reaching out all of a sudden?

The answer is this piece right here and Area 51 figured out before everything else. Not without a little push from the aliens themselves, however. Now, we have not seen the slab itself but have seen the file and samples taken from it. The slab is unpredictable and shows similar behavior to artificial intelligence - we believe that it's a data base of some kind but we're not sure. It's really hard to tell without directly analyzing it ourselves but based on what we've been told, the behavior, the file and the samples, we really do believe that it's a database fragment or at least something similar that collects and stores information.

The slab has a stone coating but is otherwise consistent of a very durable metal on the inside. The heart of it is filled with a thick gel-like substance that we cannot touch safely. It burns through most material. One person has accidentally - as per the file - come in contact with it; the gel did not burn them, harm them or seem to have much of a reaction at all. That is pretty much all we know about that right now. *

This item was preserved inside the piece, among the fluid. We are not sure why. 

* UPDATE. We have gathered a bit more information about this piece, including its origin, which is the slab we mentioned. The gel is charging fluid, which aliens secret through glands beneath a layer of skin near their temples. It carries memory strands, information, DNA and other components of the brain.

We found out that the reason the piece was stationed inside of the slab is because the slab acts like a memory capsule for one alien... at least that's what it seems. 

In reference to the woman that had come in contact with the gel, she has sustained no illness but she often experiences visions and or a particular clicking in the back of her mind. Both we, she and a fair majority of the staff assigned to C-Prime believe that she has somehow become connected with the alien that the charging fluid belonged to. She is more and more able to understand the thoughts of the alien as time goes by. No one knows yet if the alien can hear or feel her connected with it but it doesn't seem to acknowledge her so it's hard to tell. Based on the nature of the knowledge she gains over time, we are also not sure if perhaps these capsules are created to preserve the knowledge, power and memories of dead aliens but it seems to be a huge possibility.

This piece is encrypted with the entirety of what is being called the Codex of Prime, which was first and foremost created by the aliens. The term comes from the memories that the woman who had come in contact with the alien gel currently experiences. Based on how it is explained through the woman who has tapped into the intelligence of the alien, the Codex of Prime is an encryption that allows the extraction and preservation of brain waves, DNA or bodily fluid that contains information as old as the person or creature as lived. It is prime insight, essentially.

This piece inspires a complete awakening of senses, mind and control - essentially borderline hyperthymesia. You can remember every memory of every time you've ever been conscious for and even ones that you haven't. As long as you were present, you can recall the exact surrounding of where you were, what was going on, what was being said as well as the faces of those who had been present. You can remember dreams in all of their entirety and recall them vividly.

Additionally, outside of your mind, this item is encrypted with authentic alien memories and visions. That is another reason why we believe that it used to belong to an actual alien. It holds a lot of information specific to the alien whose capsule we found it in. You are very likely to experience visions that are not yours but that of the alien though you do have control over it. You can recall their memories, their power and the events of most of their life. That being said, there is a point at which the memories of said alien go dark if you choose to sit there and dig through everything. We are no sure what this means, as we said before. It could mean that the former owner - the alien - of this piece is now dead or, alternatively, we do not know the logistics of how all of the information in this piece as added to it so it is a possibility that the alien could still be alive and the fact that this item is no longer in his possession is to blame for why there is no additional information.

Regardless, what this piece gives you is complete memory access and control over your own mind. This is the last piece metal with real alien crystal. Sorry for those who just read it. I put the wrong item in the description. The piece you are getting is in the picture.

  • New Information

    This is full telepathy! It’s a blooming of the mind between aliens and you. This also gives EXTREME WEALTH of any country! This is because they do live among us and blend! This is an alien crystal pyramid. This is an alien real crystal.

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