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Get past the boring to the meat!

Get past the boring to the meat!

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The Ancient Original Buddha Jade, one of the few pieces of original Buddha charms left, is one of the most powerful and potent artifacts today. Discovered in the tomb of the ancient Chinese Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor is one of the assistants of The Three Purities and holds some of the highest honors in Chinese mythology. The Jade Emperor, true to his name, made different important Jade ornaments and infused them with his inner energy from the Buddha. And while he sought to understand the meaning of life, he went about helping everyone who came his way and bringing peace to his kingdom. His devotion to the Buddha earned him a lifetime of wealth, power, and impossible knowledge. Before he transcended, he left the Ancient Original Buddha Jade for his followers as a totem, charm, and channel of power. Made from the finest and original Jade, the piece comes complete with a necklace of pure woven wool dipped in the finest wax. The wearer sees visions of glory, of unimaginable splendor, and untold realities of heavenly places and beings. More powers are granted to the wearer. The Ancient Original Buddha Jade makes perception and discernment easy so you can see through words and actions to the intent and never get swayed by lip service. The piece also grants immense, extreme, and generational wealth that is guaranteed to remain within the family despite economic situations. The Ancient Original Buddha Jade grants the power to heal faster and remain in good health, withstanding more adversity than the average person. Some rumors that it opens this eye; the Buddha Jade is known to help seekers reach enlightenment faster without taking billions of years and millions of lifecycles. Wear the Ancient Original Buddha Jade and step into a new reality of improved health, wealth, and perception. The piece also improves stamina, mental alertness, and acuity. Take a dive into the future fueled with pure energy from the ancient past. Experience rebirth with the widely sought-after original Buddha Jade and begin your journey to enlightenment. Walk the way of the Budhha and surround yourself and home with the ancient energy of the mystics.

This Buddha is not new and is an antique. He is extremely powerful using real gem and not the fake stuff. When tested the main thing that always was extremely highly noted was the transformation abilities of each person. Because this will stay with a family for its entire generations a small activation is needed to bind this power to you and your family. We can do this activation for you by using the place of your birth and your birthdate. You can also use your name, place of birth and exact time when you were born. The name must be your name at birth, not married name. The time, if you choose to use that instead of date must be when you took your first breath. The first breath is your life’s blueprint. If you don’t know that the birthdate is just as good.

I’m going to tell you a little more about this piece. First of all when you hold him, you feel him. Not all pieces can be felt and it doesn’t mean they don’t work if you don’t feel them. The supernatural works in strange and unusual ways, all of them different.

When I first held him I immediately saw nothing in front of me. This means a spirit was clearing my vision to show me something. I saw jungles, deep, vast and dense jungle. I moved through it as not walking but gliding. I came to a clearing where I could see what looked like a glowing square pyramid. Square? I know it doesn’t make sense but it was more the base and had built next to it sides. The sides I believe people lived in them. The pyramid was in the center. Before I could ever get to that there was a square that glowed a deep green. This was about the size of something two people would carry. It wanted me to come to it and all of a sudden I was moving. As I got closer the top half of the green glowing square concrete or marble piece had inscriptions on it. The one I remember the most was because it caught my eye. It was strange and at first you thought you were looking at a UFO but that wasn’t it? I say that wasn’t it because that thing that looked like a UFO was sitting on top of a man’s head. The man was the Buddha. So he was either a rare creature or it was showing me he had a power so extreme? AstroJade. You tell me what you think. She is a lady I need to hire! We don’t always agree but there is respect there! Anyway back to this.

On that slab, concrete or marble as I’m not sure what it was, was more. I couldn’t put my eyes where I wanted them. My eyes were directed for me. I had no control which let me know that a spirit was guiding me. That is what happens when they are right there with you physically. I will get to more of that in a blog post as that has been happening more and more. So, back to this.

Next my eyes were directed and couldn’t be moved from the lower half of the slab. What I saw was what seemed to be a moving blue yet see through ocean. I could see everything in it, everything! Looking closer I could see an entire city of people. I knew somewhere I had seen this scene before. My eyes were driven closer and the people all held gems in their bodies. Each person had them in different areas. Some had them on the tops of their hands and some had them where the third eye would be. My guess went to healing and psychic ability but that was a guess. The reason I say a guess was because one person, I couldn’t tell male or female. There was no way to tell. At the area where you should be able to tell, was a gem. I’m pretty sure that gem was an Opal. Again, that’s a guess. I say that because it was clear with moving flashes of color. Those types of people, they all looked like us, human. They were all different colors and sizes. The only one who I couldn’t tell what it was, was the one who had the gem covering the sexual organs. Below that city in the ocean I was watching was another level totally separated from those on the top. They too looked human but they had no gems and lived below those on the top level. Here is where it gets even stranger and I haven’t or can’t figure it all out yet. In the center of all of this both hitting the top and lower level was the Great Buddha. His right arm was lifted and showed a ton of stars all numbered. His left arm lifted showed a ton of planets with what I believe were angels all standing by their own planet. There were tons of them. So many in fact it was hard for me to count them. You couldn’t count them. In the middle of his body was a flickering candle that not even the water could put out.

With all that at this time all I can tell you is this is a very powerful piece. I’m going to have to say it is a living piece. It doesn’t matter who you are or even if your psychically dead, this will work on you. Also it’s good to note that this works differently on each person. The results will always be powerful but how you get there may be different. If you are afraid of spirits but just want the power of the piece you will get that. We tested on those afraid of spirits, those who didn’t want them in their house. We tested on those with zero ability. We tested on those with a lot of ability. It worked on all.

I believe each person will see some of the same things. I also know each person will have a different experience with it. All people will get the abilities and power described in the description. I would love to know what each person sees.

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