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God's Mansion of Divine Illumination

God's Mansion of Divine Illumination

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This is a piece that was done by a Russian artist.  On the backside of the piece, you can see that it was completed in 1994.  To the naked eye, this piece looks like a normal piece.  It looks like a pin made with fine Russian artwork.  However, this piece goes deeper than that.

After this piece was created it was acquired by a Russian white light sorcerer.  You might not think that there are many white lightworkers in Russia, simply because of the stories you hear about the powers that have come from Russia.  The fact is that there are plenty of white light sorcerers in Russia and this piece is proof.  

This artist rendition of Russian architecture has been used by a white light sorcerer and turned into a portable realm.  When you own this piece you are carrying an alternate reality around with you.  Specifically, you are carrying a little pocket of Heaven.  You have heard the story of God's many mansions that exist in Heaven.  Each mansion holds power or white light magic.

what the white light sorcerer has done is relocate one of God's mansions from where it is at in Heaven into this work of art.  When you own this piece you will gain exclusive access to this Mansion.  The Mansion that the sorcerer chose to relocate into this piece is called the Mansion of Divine Illumination.  You can spend time in this mansion when you meditate with this piece.  Even if you don't see anything in your mind, when you are meditating with this piece, your soul will be in the Mansion of Divine Illumination.

The Mansion of Divine Illumination will do exactly what its name suggests.  It will give you Divine Illumination.  This means it will feed your mind divine knowledge that comes directly from the Mind of God.  This will allow you to receive his powers and abilities such as the ability to speak Enochian and control the energetic forces of nature, the ability to create miracles, the ability to command angels, the ability to defeat all evil, the ability to transcend time, etc.  I mean there are so many things that are available with the Divine Illumination that I don't even think I'd be able to make a finite list.  

When using this piece you can choose the kind of Illumination your mind will receive by meditating upon the type of Illumination you want, while wearing this piece.  Your soul will enter the Mansion of Divine Illumination and it will be given to you.

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