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God's Warrior and the Society of Seekers

God's Warrior and the Society of Seekers

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This is an extremely powerful piece, quite unlike anything that you will ever experience.  It's not the most powerful piece that we have ever offered, but it is a very unusual and peculiar piece simply because having the piece that we have acquired is especially rare.  That's because the society from whom we acquired the piece is especially secretive.  There are only eight members in the society and there will only ever be eight members in the society.  

We are talking about the Society of Seekers.  They have been around since the dawn of time.  The face of the society has changed through the years, as they never stay in one body for too long, simply because they don't want people to catch onto their true identities.  

In all honesty, we aren't really sure who the Society of Seekers is ourselves, but we know they are not human.  They are more of an energetic or spiritual presence that acts like parasites in the human body, which is another reason why they have to take so many bodily forms.  This is because their intelligence is too much for the human mind to comprehend and eventually goes on warp their bodies, at which point a new, suitable host is chosen.  

The Seekers could live anywhere they want to.  They have th ability to travel through reality.  By reality, I mean all parts of reality-- all dimensions, all planes of existence, all realms, everything.  We don't really know where or how they have been empowered, but it is not cosmic magic that they display.  It's not stellar, lunar, or planetary, either.  

We don't really know what kind of magic they have, it is something new to us altogether, but it gives them the ability to transcend space-time as they choose.  It also gives them this really strange ability to synthesize lights as plants do.  They use light for both their physical sustenance and to manifest new magical abilities.  

The piece that we are offering is actually a blending of magic.  We were contacted by a member of the Seekers on purpose so that way they could share an extremely urgent message with us.  Of course, the Seekers chose not to identify with us personally, so what we were seeing was more of an amorphic form that spoke to us through telepthic vibes.  The message they were sending?  "He is coming."  

They left us with this piece without divulging much information at all.  We had to do some serious testing with this piece in order to realize that this piece holds the angelic presence of an angel named Davmiel.   This angel is a warrior angel of God upon whom much power has been bestowed.  He is of the elite classes.  If this was Earth you would think of him as the Marines or the Navy seals.  They are the most high-ranking, capable, and magical warrior angels created by the Hand of God.  

We were able to make a telepathic breakthrough with Davmiel.  I was simply meditating with this piece when all of a sudden a sound came into my head.  IT sounded like the sound of some sort of massive power generator shutting down and what stood before me in my mind was horrific, but I can't say that I was that surprised, either.  It was something that Davmiel has described to us as the Omega War.  

The Omega War is the final war that dawns between Heaven and Hell, between good and evil.  It is the final showdown between God and Satan.  It is the world that is we know it after the Seven Seal are broken after the 4 Horsemen are sent, and after the Seven Plagues are are resent to Earth.  It's life as we know it after the arrival of the seven-headed beast with ten horns.  This is the End of the End.  The good news is that at the End of the Omega War, the Earth will regenerate itself into an Oasis of life, where the humans who follow Christ will be given perfect and very powerful bodies.  

Until then, you will content in knowing that this piece gives you a subliminal connection to Damviel.  Damviel is an extremely powerful white light warrior.  He will give you superhuman physical speed, endurance, agility, and intelligence.  It will give you a connection to God that will allow you to materialize his white light essence into powers and abilities.  You will do that by thinking them into existence.  

This piece gives you the final authority, with the ability to cast demons and other unknown dark entities into the pits of Hell.  You will be given all the secret magic that was hidden in the Bible.  You will be given command over other angels and their powers.  You will be able to travel to Heaven at your own discretion.  You will travel to Eden at your own discretion.  

This piece will regenerate and spiritually charge your body.  Since this Damviel working through you, your new essence will register as an angel.  You will receive holy divination, you will receive divine visions, you will receive a white light shield that will keep you protected at all times.  You will become the perfect angelic warrior, fierce in battle and white light in existence.  The piece will allow you to hold dialogue with God in telepathic form.  It will allow you to unveil his 72 names.  It will give you the wisdom of the 24 Elders that encircle his throne.  Through Damviel you will also gain access to the other warrior angels such as himself.  These warrior angels all hold different powers and abilities.  Some do extreme protection.  Others have the ability to destroy matter altogether.  Others have the ability to bind demons in chains.  Some have the ability to freeze time.  Others have the access to holy "hot spots" such as the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail.  This is some seriously powerful stuff!

On top of that, this piece was given to use by the Society of Seekers.  You will also gain their powers.  You will gain the ability to open portals to other parts of the universe.  YOu will be able to transcend the many layers of existence in your astral form.  You will be able to experience what it is like to become a Seeker because you will be able to experience existence in its many dimensions, rather than the one that we live in.  Achieving true transcendence and spiritual freedom is the main objective of the Seekers, along with seeking power and magic, of course, which is how they got their name.  

This piece is an official Seeker membership piece. It is antique and it is 14K gold.  You will not find another piece like this because the Seekers rarely allow humans to know who they really are, let alone give them a membership piece.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity.  Also, the powers that you find while you are transcending the many layers of reality will automatically be stored in your piece for future access.  

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