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Golden Goddess of All

Golden Goddess of All

SKU: 2252104

This piece is phenomenal!  It is 14k AND it boasts powers the likes of which most have not experienced.  Read below for for more details!

She comes from a realm without a name.  We only know this because we have the tablets that tell us.  In fact, we thought we'd never find the tablets, but when we started working with this piece we were guided to their whereabouts.  They were in a crate that was made out of gold-plated bone.  On top of the crate, there were etchings that we have never seen before.  I mean, we really can't compare them to anything we've ever worked with.

The crate wasn't necessarily locked, but we did have to pay with some of our own blood-- just enough to fill the crevices where the etching had been made.  Once the grooves were full, the crate opened and the tablets were released to us.  There were several tablets.  One was golden.  One was bronze.  One was silver.  Each of them was used to summon a different Shade.  The bronze was not as powerful as the silver.  Likewise, the silver was not as powerful as the gold.  

We're at the part of the description where I would normally tell you who the entities are or, in this case, who the shades belonged to.  The answer isn't quite as simple as it might seem, though.  While we have not been able to further our work on the bronze or silver shades yet, we have fully realized the presence of Gold.  For those of you who aren't aware, a shade is something like a soul, except it's more like an eternal presence.  There's stuff online about it.  Feel free to take a break and look it up.  

what we found is the golden shad that we have been working with wore many faces.  I have to be very careful how I explain this so that way you know what we are really getting into with this.  Just now I was typing and I began to say that the shade has taken many forms over the years.  See, saying that would be incorrect and would do an injustice to the depth of the archaic power that this shade really holds.  What I will say instead is this:  the shade that we have been working with has provided the spiritual essence for many of the goddesses that you are already familiar with to be created.  

We have been doing this a long time and we have written about plenty of goddesses.  There is Amaterasu for the ancient Japanese.  There is Freya for the Norse.  The Egyptians have Isis and Hathor.  The Sumerians had Innana.  Then, there was Ishtar.  In the Voodoo religion, there is Yemaya and Mami Wata.  In Mayan times there Itzama and ix Chel.  There are Gaea and Magna Mater.  There are the Three Fates who spin time and destiny.  Throughout time there have been many goddesses that have served many different cultures and beliefs, but the true fact of the matter is that they have all stemmed from this single divine feminine form that we are lucky enough to have access to and to work with.  

We aren't sure the name of the shade-- the essence of life-- that we have been working with, as it either doesn't have one, or it has chosen not to reveal itself.  Perhaps it chose not to reveal its name because once you know an entity's name there are certain spells that you can do that give you full control over existence.  This piece is not like this.  This piece is the gift of presence.  With this piece, you will receive the golden shade because it is gracious enough to present itself to you and to work for you.  We call her the Golden Goddess of All.  Even though we know the shade is much more than a goddess.  It is the native essence of many upon many goddesses.  

The question is then, what does the Golden Goddess of All do for you?  In a nutshell, the answer is anything.  I know that sounds pretty lame in terms of being descriptive, but I want you to think for a second.  Sit back and really think about all the goddesses that you can think of.  Write them down if you want.  Then, think of all that they can do for you.  I mean, just Isis and Ishtar alone house the secrets to more magic than you will ever need.  And I'm not saying that you have to go through these goddesses to get what you want, I'm saying that this shade-- the Golden Goddess of All has provided the very essence and life energy for those goddesses to be able to do what they do and to know what the know.  

Unlimited is the amount of magic that this piece will provide to you.  Copious is the amount of energy that it will give you.  It will never stop working.  It will never quit.  It will go above and beyond for you.  This is the same type of magic that has provided sorcerers and magicians to create magic since the beginning of time.  It is the basis upon which entire pantheons have been created.  The essence of this piece has been provided magic for people and secrets of the universe since before the world was even properly designed by God.  It has been keeping secrets ever since.  Of course, the secrets will be divulged to you, because you own this piece.  I'm just saying, the proof is in the pudding.  If you want it, then this piece will allow you to go and get it.
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