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Grine Djinn of Destiny

Grine Djinn of Destiny

SKU: 22521086


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This piece is very simple and very powerful.  It holds the spirit of your personal Grine Djinn.  You can think of a Grine Djinn like your guardian angel.  They are born simply to coincide with your life.  As you get older your Grine Djinn grows in power.  You can spiritually and psychically connect with this djinn if you choose to, but most people don't even know it exists so they never get the chance.  If you connect with your Grine, when you move onto the afterlife the djinn will travel with you.  If you don't make that connection then it simply ceases to exist.  

This piece gives you a psychic boost that will put you in contact with your personal Grine djinn.  It is born of your own energy, so it should not take too long for you to get acquainted.  When you do your Grine will give you the power to control your own life.  That means that the Grine Djinn gives you the ability to control your own destiny.  You can add the things you want and subtract the things you don't like.  You can customize until you reach a sweet spot that will allow you to live out your days in harmonious balance.

Remember, be careful what you wish for.  Then again, you can use this piece when ever you want, so you can always change things.  

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