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Gwyndella the Granteress

Gwyndella the Granteress

SKU: 672120


Her name is Gwyndella and she has been living in this item for dozens of years now.  She was first captured by a Spanish sea captain in the 1600s.  She was captured, placed in a tank, and forced to grant wishes, which is what she does with the magic that she was born with.  She remained in the tank until she was pretty much milked to death of her magic.  She was allowed to transcend but was immediately summoned and placed into this piece.  

As time went on the piece was pretty much looked over and lost to time.  We received the piece as part of an ongoing investigation that we are doing to try to get as many spirits back into circulation as possible-- especially some of the older ones.  They have some of the best, most sought-after powers!  

Either way, Gwyndella is present in this piece and she is very active.  All you have to do wear the piece or meditate with the piece privately to gain a connection to the mermaid.  She practices the ancient magic of the classes of mermaids who are the daughters of Poseidon.  She has the magic to grant wishes, which is what you will find her in this piece doing.  Wealth, love, magic acquisition, and more are all possible with her wish-granting abilities.                      
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