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Gypsy Power, World Domination, and Control

Gypsy Power, World Domination, and Control

SKU: 4/20/21

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To think that this piece is a Gypsy magic piece is almost unreal. We have offered a lot of different Gypsy magic pieces and usually, they have to do with some sort of enlightenment, wealth, healing, psychic awakening, or something like that. However, this piece goes into uncharted territory. This piece holds the nitty-gritty of what Gypsy magic is all about. That is the power of the Egyptian Pyramids. Historians will tell you that the Gypsies came from India-- and some of them might have-- but the true origins of the Gypsies lie in Egypt. They are the sons and daughters of Isis, who has bestowed upon them her magical bloodline. They hold the ability to open the doors to the presence of Isis and call her through at any moment, allowing her ancient magic-of-all to coursecoure through their veins. This is the same magic of the Pyramids, which Isis controls. The problem with this is that most of them do not know what they are capable of. They wander from place to place and they know that they are capable of performing spells and other types of magic, but not knowing that they hold the blood right and the birthright of Isis in its purest form. They are the humanity that Isis shaped with the powers of the pyramids, to preserve her lineage on Earth. While I say they don't know, some truly do but they are few and far between. One of these illuminated Gypsies-- you might remember her-- is called Salome. She is the one who dances the dance of the Seven Veils in exchange for the head of John the Baptist. She danced the Dance of the Daggers. She danced the Dance of the Immortals. She was fully aware of who she was the heritage she had received and she used Isis presence to her advantage. She allowed Isis to take control of her body during her dances, contorting her body in ways that were pleasing to the gods, who would grant her whatever she wanted. This piece contains magic that is similar to that. This piece is antique. It is a globe and when you turn it a pencil comes out. The magic that is held within is total world domination and full control-- in whatever form you want that to come. It carries with it the full powers of Isis, ergo the full powers of the living Egyptian Pyramids. The pyramids (and subsequently Isis) have the ability to tap into the subconscious of the universe, using celestial and universal cerebral energies to manifest whatever it is you want. All you have to do is write it. This piece has been used for domination in the past. This doesn't always mean military domination or wartime domination. It has been used for financial domination. It has also been used for magical domination, as well. The domination comes from the fact that like Salome please with her dance, this piece pleases with the energies of its writing. The gods will grant you what you have asked for, allowing you to achieve excellence and domination in whatever it is you aspire to achieve it in. This could be singing, making films, playing a sport, or something else. Like I said before, this could allow you to achieve domination in magical ability. How you use the piece is up to you, but anyway you use the piece, it is powerful and it will deliver results.

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