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He Gathers & He Gives

He Gathers & He Gives

SKU: 12823028


This is a vintage pin of a merman. This is a spirit holding piece who was named after Saint Michael. He is called Michael. He is a few thousand years old and was going found in the pond near the Cave of Treasures. He refused to kill Adam by pretending to be of white light. He is of white light so couldn’t complete the task of murdering. Because of that Saint Michael asked him what he wanted his name to be. Because of what Saint Michael gave to him he wanted to honor him by taking his first name. Instead of havoc he provided what Adam and Eve needed in their times of pain, trouble and what was unknown to them. Michael also kept the evil sirens away from them. Today not only is protection needed but wealth to get on in this world. Michael gives both and he gives them abundantly. The wealth he gives is what you need. It’s not stupid or meaningless but exactly what you need to not only pay bills but to be happy. You will not become a millionaire but you will be with out stress and you will be happy!

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