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The Secret Sorcery of Alfred the Great - Pendant

The Secret Sorcery of Alfred the Great - Pendant

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These two pieces have been custom made and designed and they come from the same place.  The sterling that these pieces are made out of has come from King Alfred the Great's breast place, which he used as a storage place for the magic that he acquired while he marched through England uniting smaller Anglo-Saxon tribes into a greater Saxon empire.  

It is said that King Alfred was an incredibly pious man, but I guess even the pious carry secrets with them.  For Alfred, it was an infatuation with white light magic.  He had a personal magus that concocted the most splendid types of magic for him.  This magic allowed him to enjoy a long tenure in England.  His magic comes from a stream of white light magic that permeates the Earth.  It is sent by none other than the mighty archangel Metatron.

The magic that King Alfred's magus created for him he shared with an inner court that he called his Society of Sophisticated Men.  f course, you will never read about this in history books, becuase the group is entirely clandestine.  However, the magic that was drawn by Alfred's magus was extremely powerful and could grant many white light abilities, including the miracles that Alfred needed to rule effectively.  

He used this magic to establish a government that would grow roots in Wessex and gives birth to what would become, arguably, the most powerful nation to ever exist on Earth.  So what is that we are offering then?  these are older pieces, but they are more modern than King Alfred the Great's period.  They have been made with the silver of his breastplate.  They have been made by the modern-day Society of Sophisticated Men.

These pieces-- the ring and the pendant-- both give you unlimited access to the ancient magic of King Alfred.  Moreover, they give you access to the power of Metatron, which can transform your life into whatever you want it to be.  Your life will be fortified with success I all you do the protection and magic of one thousand angels that are the legions of Metatron.  

This power is over-the-top powerful as Metatron is the angel of transformation and can pretty much speak into existence whatever you want him to.  Use this piece responsibly.  Again, they are both sterling silver and they have come from the Society of Sophisticated Men.  Also, the stones on the pendant are real.  

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