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Healing and the Eternal Element

Healing and the Eternal Element

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There is one thing that sets deities and deified mortals apart from the rest. They have acquired and have access to divine power. They can live in an altered state of consciousness that not only allows them to become immortal but also allows them to heal themselves-- and many times others.

This piece focuses on something that many deities have embraced. It is a power that has allowed many of the deities that you hear about in ancient times to not only heal themselves and others but also come back from the dead.

This element is found only in the Cosmos and it is called the Eternal Element. It exists because the universe is eternal. You see, the universe autonomously heals itself. From the perspective of the universe, it is not some miraculous healing that is being performed. Rather, it is a balancing a homeostatic effort to keep the universe as it exists. In the eyes of the universe, healing is nothing more than righting what is wrong and returning existence to the original state of balance in which it is supposed to exist.

Having said that, the Eternal Element is revealed only to those who are wise enough and have been enlightened enough to be able to receive the cosmos and the magic that lives within it. The Illuminati, the White Light Ascended Masters, The Knights of the Rosy Cross, the Priory of Scion, and others are examples of societies that have been able to master the Cosmos.

Before that, however, the Cosmos were left to divine minds and the power of the Eternal Element was only for them. This is why gods and goddesses are immortal. It is why they can automatically heal themselves from maladies that would otherwise render them mortal. There are many examples when the Eternal Element has been used to either heal or resurrect divine entities from the dead. I will give you a few that come to mind right off the top of my head.

The first example that I can think of is Jesus Christ. After the crucifixion, Christ was able to overcome death and descent to Hell by using the powers of the Eternal Element. It restored him to his former glory and even allowed him to ascend into Heaven in a perfect body.

Another example includes Isis when she gathers the body of Osiris and reanimated him. Originally, he has been maimed and dismembered by his brother who wanted his throne. However, Isis was able to gather Osiris and use Egyptian necromancy to reinstate her husband, his magic, his power, etc. The Necromantic power that she used was rooted in the Cosmos and Eternal Element. She fit his pieces back together like a puzzle and the healing, homeostatic power of the Eternal Element did the rest.

Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent from the Mayan pantheon, was also put to do death. He was put to death by fire and out of his ashes, his spirit rose like a flock of birds. These birds still exist as immortal entities that bring magic to the descendants of ancient kings that live in the present time. He was able to resurrect and rejuvenate himself through the healing nature of the Eternal Element.

One more that comes to mind is the Buddha. An ancient Sramana from BCE India, he was able to use the powers of the Eternal Element to heal his mind and to receive enlightenment. His enlightenment was the wisdom of the universe through a state of existence called Nirvana. While he never really died in the physical form, he died to the world when he ascended into a perpetual state of bliss. He was resurrected into a higher existence. Again, all thanks to the Eternal Elements.

Marduk, Attis, Adonis, and Persephone are other deities who have all been healed and/or resurrected by the power of the Eternal Element. I won't get into all of their stories, but you can easily search for them on the internet if you are interested in knowing more.

Not only were these deities that were healed able to heal themselves, but in many instances, they were able to heal others. They were able to pass on their healing abilities to others. For instance, Jesus gave his healing powers to his disciples. Persephone used her magic to heal ancient mortals. Witches and other immortal magicians have used the Eternal Element to heal their bodies and others' bodies for eons. South American and Native American shamans have to use the powers during their rituals. Voodoo has used the element to go as far as bringing people back from the dead.

We are not making any claims as to what this piece can or cannot do. We have used this piece for many healing rituals that we thought it could work for. To date, there was only one person that it has not worked for and we are still looking for something to heal that individual, as they were inflicted with something that needs to be dealt with differently.

What we will say is that this piece contains the essence of the Eternal Element. This is the healing energy and healing magic of all deities. Whether it's white light healing, dual healing, healing of the mind, chakra healing, psychic healing, or some other kind of healing, they are all rooted in the Eternal Element.

You can use this piece to return your body to its prime physical condition. You can also use this piece to heal the mind and expand its boundaries, its knowledge, and what it can do. You can use this piece to heal others if you choose to. That is up to you.

Either way, this piece is very powerful and will help you do whatever kind of healing you want to do. You are probably wondering how we came across this piece. This piece was never meant to leave the Vatican Secret Archives. However, one of the prisoners that they have chained up down there for ritual purposes got loose. Apparently, she had been an investigative journalist who was about to blow a cover on the church's financial state of being when they locked her up. She managed to somehow escape, use this piece to heal herself, and then contact us. we worked on the piece and realized that he was really powerful. Now, we are passing the buck.

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