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Healing From the Nine Holy Bishops

Healing From the Nine Holy Bishops

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This piece is real pearl and it's a beautiful necklace. It holds a very unique and powerful type of healing. To learn more about this piece and how it can help improve your life and change it for the better please read below.

We came across this piece in a curious place. It was nestled away in the corner of an antique shop in Pennsylvania. It's a strange place for a piece of such power to exist. Admittedly, this piece is not an original, but it has been made with the powers of the original, which leaves us with the question, "Where has the original gone?"

Unfortunately, we do not know where the original has gone. Nor, do we know how this piece ended up in the antique store that we visited. However, we think that it actually might be a good sign. There is some sort of... shall we call them a healing movement? they are traveling around the world, becuase more and more of these pieces keep popping up out of nowhere.

You've all heard of the legend of the Nine Holy Bishops whose remains are kept in a church in Spain. If you haven't a quick internet search will pull them up for you. What you probably didn't know is that four of their fabled holy rings have been found among their remains, in an urn, wrapped in silk back with gold thread.

Of course, those rings were confiscated by the department of antiquity or whatever they have over in Spain. However, if you read correctly you will notice that I said only four were found. There were nine-- one for each of the Bishops. A document that was found with the rings said something along the lines of these rings are those of the holy bishops, they were passed through water to create miracles and they healed many people. Only four remain.

So, what happened to the other five? To be honest, your guess is as good as mine on this matter. However, the power of those five has been popping up all over the world, which leads us to believe that there is some sort of ulterior agenda. Pieces with this healing power being found by those who know how to use that healing power? That's not a coincidence.

Anyway, this piece is a high-energy, high-frequency healing piece. Yes, we did just offer a healing piece yesterday, but this one needs to be offered, too. They vary because this piece is full of white light healing. Call it angelic, call it divine, call it whatever you want to call it, but it totally and wholly of God. It will cleanse and heal the mind as well as the body and the soul.

I don't want to lead anybody astray with this piece. While the Nine Holy Bishops have been rumored to be able to heal those with serious physical maladies and this is their magic, I know that there is somebody out there who is going to ask if this piece cures cancer. The answer I'm giving is no because we have not used this piece for that purpose.

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