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Hidden City of Djinn

Hidden City of Djinn

SKU: 8242127


This necklace is very unique-looking. It should be for what it does for you. This piece is a hidden city of djinn. These djinn have been summoned from the upper levels of Jannah where they served as royal servants. We do not know why they were summoned, as we did not make this piece. It was made by somebody else, but we were lucky enough to come across this piece at an estate sale in West Virginia a few years back. We have been working with it ever since, trying to coax all of the djinn to come out of their homes, but we have yet to be able to do so.

What we can tell you is that we have worked with this piece and we have seen hundreds of djinn that have come forth from the homes that are on this necklace. We thought about maybe breaking this piece down and selling the homes individually, but then determined it would be best if they stayed together. The reason we were going to sell them separately is that each one of the homes holds a class of djinn that grants something different. You will also see that there are activation and containment seals on the piece. These are ancient binding seals that kept the djinn in this piece where they have been for many years. The activation seals contain the energy to be able to bind with your soul. This way, the energies of the djinn will be able to grant you the powers that they have to offer.

You will be able to use this piece to summon forth the djinn and you will probably have more time to devote solely to this piece than we have, so you will be able to really get in there and connect with all the different djinn that are present. They are broken down into five categories as per the five houses that are present on the piece. They are extreme wealth djinn, wish-granting djinn, warrior djinn, magic creation djinn, and divinity djinn. Wealth djinn grant wealth. Wish granting djinn grant wishes. Warrior djinn help you fight spiritual battles, they protect you, and they help you overcome your obstacles and adversaries. Magic creation djinn will use their powers to help you create your own different forms of magic. Divinity djinn will allow you to tap into divine powers and magic, also to comprehend the minds of the divine to achieve ascendance and exist on the divine frequency.

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