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Hidden Within the Pyramid:  Level 4 Consciousness

Hidden Within the Pyramid: Level 4 Consciousness

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Dee Dee.


    Many times it is wondered, "What could Napoleon Bonaparte have seen inside of the Pyramid that would have frightened him the way it did."  Some say it was the immortal being that he encountered while he was there.  We have documented that occasion more than once.  Some say that he was shown the details of an untimely and grotesque death.  On a personal level, I believe that it was neither one of those experiences.  I believe that it was his experience with self-awareness.  

    When the United States government first made contact with aliens that crashed in Roswell, one of the things that were asked of the alien was as if it had a soul.  The alien responded, in so many words, "Absolutely I have a soul and my soul is eternal."  Napoleon's soul is also eternal, so is mine, so is yours.  What I think happened in the pyramid- although I cannot definitely say- is that Napoleon came into a state of self-awareness.  

    What do I mean by this?  Well, to really understand what I'm talking about, you must first know the following.  There is a chamber within the pyramid that has yet to be discovered by any archaeological foundation.  While we don't necessarily know the real name for the chamber we call it the Chamber of Mirrors.  It's not that the chamber is full of mirrors, but rather the chamber elevates your mind to a level 4 consciousness.  

    Going back to the Roswell incident, the alien that was questioned stated that it was their hope to accelerate all of humanity to a level 4 consciousness.  However, those plans have since been thwarted, most likely by the governments of this world who don't want the minions that serve them to experience any type of enlightenment that might render the power they hold over them defunct.  The connection exists between the Roswell Aliens and the pyramids because they both mention this level four consciousness, or awakening.  

    The Chamber of Mirrors, as we call it, gives whoever enters the chamber this level 4 awakening.  The first ability that is given to a human during this awakening the self-awareness.  I don't mean this from a psychological standpoint.  What I mean is that during this process you are given the ability to see into your soul.  You are able to see your true existence and what you have become in your human form.  You see what your afterlife will consist of based on the merit you've earned during life.

    Personally, I think this is why Napoleon Bonaparte was frightened.  He knew what he was in store for based on the life he lived.  I only tell you this because we were also able to travel to the Chamber of Mirrors.  Of course, we went by means of astral travel.  We didn't go physically.  We went because we wanted to get to the bottom of this secret chamber and what it had to offer.

    While we were there we discovered a cache of these little figurines that are called Ushabtis.  These are figurines that were given life energy by Egyptian priests before being buried with their respective kings.  These figurines could then come to life and accompany the pharaohs they were created for into the afterlife.  It was widely understood that these entities were to serve the purpose of servants.  While this is true some of the time, it is not always true.  

    For instance, the Ushabtis that we found in the Chamber of Mirrors were not servants at all.  They were the souls of very powerful sorcerers and magicians.  They were created to carry powerful magic and knowledge and to provide the Pharoah with their knowledge and magic in the afterlife.  After passing through the Chamber of Mirrors and ascending to a Level 4 Consciousness, the Pharaoh was then ready to receive the power and magic that would be his for eternity

    They say that Napoleon was banished to his island where he lived it out in misery.  This isn't true.  Sure, he was banished to his island, but I don't think he cared much.  This is because he had already received the Level 4 Consciousness Awakening.  He knew he was going to die and instead of wasting time, he got to work using the awakening and self-awareness that he had received to develop powers and magic for himself.  Once upon a time, we had actually acquired da journal that he had left behind that proves this theory.  It's not even a theory, it's a fact.  

    The alien from the Roswell crash site revealed that the mission of their presence on Earth was to speed up the conscious evolution of humanity to a Level 4, where they would be forced to look within themselves.  He said this would persuade humanity to unite and to be good to one another instead of always creating unnecessary conflict and drama.  As part of the awakening that they had planned was removing a shield.  The shield exists for one purpose only, to hide the presence of other intelligent lifeforms that exist on Earth

    There are a ton of different types of lifeforms that coexist with humanity on Earth.  We think we are the only ones because we are so narcissistic that we think it is impossible to exist differently than we do.  However, I can tell you for certain that these other forms of existence are present.  Level 4 Consciousness and Self-Awareness provide an enlightenment of the mind that would allow you to completely transform the way you see the world and the number of beings that coexist with us on the planet.  

    The Roswell Extraterrestrials happened to be on a mission to crack open this knowledge that is hidden in the Chamber of Mirrors in the pyramid.  Their hope was to kickstart a massive evolution of the human mind.  Level Four Consciousness and Self-Awareness were just the beginning.  The ETs had a whole gameplan centered around the Great Pyramid of Giza, where the key to this evolution was hidden.  They were stopped, though.  We were not.  

    Remember the Ushabtis that I told you about before?  We brought them back with us.  There are five of them and each one bears the presence of an immortal keeper of knowledge.  These keepers of knowledge were not created to travel with the Pharoah.  Instead, they were created to maintain the knowledge of the Chamber of Mirrors.  They were created to elevate the mind of those who visited the Chamber of Mirrors and to give them the awakening of a Level 4 Consciousness.  

    After returning with the Ushabtis, we worked with the pieces.  The spirits of the keepers of knowledge came forward to reveal the truth to us.  They ascended into a high realm of consciousness and existence for several hours.  When they returned, they brought this piece with them.  This piece comes from a realm that is adjacent to A'aru.  This piece is 14k gold and the stones that are on this piece are diamonds.  The large diamond that you see at the top of the pyramid is the all-see eye.  

    The Ushabtis created this piece in the realm they traveled to.  It holds the powers of the Chamber of Mirrors.  When you wear this piece you will first receive self-awareness.  This might not seem very important to you, but it is.  This will allow you to see the entirety of your soul and your existence.  You will understand what existence really means and how your soul will transcend once your mortal body comes to pass.  This step isn't what makes you powerful, but it is a necessary step for the next to come.  

    The next step is to receive the awakening of Level 4 Consciousness.  This is where the power is at.  When you are self-aware of your being, then the power of the Level 4 Consciousness.  This is the awakening of the all-seeing eye within you.  You will be given a connection to the pyramid and a complete understanding of its functions and abilities.  You will be given the ability to tap into the consciousness of the pyramid in order to acquire its unparalleled and massive source of magic.  Along with that magic comes an indefinite list of powers and abilities that will become yours.  

    Above this, you will receive the unveiling that is spoken about with the alien from Roswell.  The curtain will be dropped and you will be able to see and identify the many different types of existence that live on Earth.  You will open up to their magical abilities, as well.  Some are other alien forms.  Some are vampiric forms.  Others are djinn.  There are many different types of entities that we coexist with that we don't even know are out there.  

    This piece is incredibly powerful in the right hands.  Think about.  You get an awakening.  You get to finally exist as your true self.  You are gaining all the powers and knowledge of the pyramid, along with its magic.  You are gaining a continuous connection to the pyramid.  You are gaining the ability to see the entities that share our world with us.  You are gaining the ability to acquire all the magic that goes along with these discoveries.    

    As if that wasn't enough, you will be receiving the presence of the Ushabtis spirits.  They will be your personal guide for awakening and Egyptian magic.  They will guide you along your journey of supreme existence.  They will show you what to do.  They will tell you how to do it.  They will protect you from hostile entities.  They will help you develop any type of magic that you desire to create.  They will open up the pyramid to you.  They even have the ability to grant wealth to you if you want it.  They are totally versatile.  And while the awakening will be yours and the powers you experience will live inside of you, these spirits will allow you to access them and their knowlege should you feel like you need help.    

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