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Holy Water Blessed by Christ's Own Hand

Holy Water Blessed by Christ's Own Hand

SKU: 132206

If you wanted something with serious white light power, then this is the one that you want.  To begin with, the piece that you are receiving is a real Russian glass bottle.  It is beautifully decorated.  When it comes to religious artwork, Russians have made some of the finest.  So, not only are you getting a beautiful piece to look at but it is also filled with something very powerful.  

What you know about Jesus is that he can perform miracles.  For example, he turned water into wine at a wedding at his mother's behest.  What you probably didn't know, because it is not recorded in the Bible is that as Jesus traveled around Israel and beyond, he would bless quantities of water.  This would be distributed to the lame and the poor to grant miracles for them.  

During the end of Jesus' life, Peter collected some of this water and kept it for himself.  I don't know if he was supposed to do it or not, but the fact remains that he had a supply of holy water that had been blessed by Jesus' hand.  He hid this stash of water so that it could never be used by anybody else.  He awaited the perfect time to use the water, to perform the perfect religious miracle.  

However, the perfect time never came and Peter went to his grave without ever having used the water.  Before he died he revealed his secret to his successor, Linus.  Linus passed the secret onto Anacletus.  Anacletus passed the secret onto Clement, so on and so forth.  Long story short, the stash of water ended up becoming part of the Catholic Church's underground collection of artifacts.  The water is said to be so powerful that a mere drop can drive out a legion of demons.  

Throughout the years, the practice of priests making holy water has been very popular.  Sometimes those forms of holy water work.  Sometimes they are viable and sometimes they do nothing at all.  This is because man has been born into sin and if their thoughts and bodies aren't sure when they are blessing the water, there are imperfections in the water and it limits the water's ability.  It's not that they do this on purpose, but it certainly pales in comparison to water that is blessed directly by Jesus Christ.  

As for the water, it was eventually placed into this bottle, and others like it.  There are three of these bottles that contain holy water left on Earth.  The Papacy has two of them.  We have one.  We are not telling you how we received this botted, so that is the end of that.  We have sworn secrecy in exchange for receiving it.  We have also rewarded the person who acquired it for us handsomely.  

What you are getting is the Russian bottle that has been filled with holy water that was created and consecrated by the hand of Jesus.  You can use this water for any purpose.  You can use it for exorcisms.  You can use it for miracles.  You can use it to summon Jesus' presence.  You can use it to give the baptism of the Holy Flame to yourself or others.  You use it to open up a doorway to Heaven that you can walk through in astral form.  It will ward away evil from your home or place of business.

However, the most powerful thing that this piece will do is manifest divinity within yourself.  Just as God becomes Jesus to come to Earth, you will also be able to become divine.  This will allow you to exist on Earth as a hybrid prototype.  You will have unlimited access to Jesus Christblood and Christ's Conscious powers.  

You will ascend into the white light brotherhood.  This water can be used to garner the authority of God.  You will be able to leave your body and walk by the side of Christ.  He will introduce you to the many pockets of Heaven where the mysteries of the universe are hidden, including very powerful sources of magic.  

Again this piece can cast out demons, it can keep the home safe, it can grant divine wealth, it grants a supply of neverending light that can be bent to your will.  It will also grant a never-ending supply of holy water because once you have run out of the supply that is in this bottle you can refill it with water.  This water will then be consecrated by the hand of Jesus after only three days of remaining in the bottle.    
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