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Home of the Rosey Fae.

Home of the Rosey Fae.

SKU: 362350


Home of the Rosey Fae and ring charger.

This piece is vintage and holds very strong power. This comes from the 50’s and is made of Lucite. You can do as many rings as will fit on it at once. This also comes with an entire environment of Rosey Fae. This is an entire town of living, birthing Fae. There is your royalty, workers and even the wish givers. The Rosey Fae are more active at night but that’s not all the time. Sometimes it’s also during the day. There is no need to take this outside or make any offering. They have everything they need. They are completely self sufficient. I have met Lily, Sara Belle, Micah, Krill, Samson, Wisteria, Zoella and the king and queen. The kings name is King Carlton and Queen Marisol. I can’t tell you what they will charge up the rings to because it varies. I have seen 25x the power to 500,000 it all depends on what they think is needed. There was one ring, actually three rings that it wouldn’t charge and that was because they never need it. Those are not even from this planet so that could be why.

I think anyone that gets this will be very happy!

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